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Kim Granatell Blasts Teresa Giudice! Says She Is Calculating And Only Donating To Charity To Look Good!

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Kim Granatell comes out for attention of the RHONJ woodworks to slam Teresa Giudice for donating money to charity. Kim G is infamous for nothing other than being hateful towards just about anything Teresa does. How can someone hate on another person for donating for a good cause?!  Radar says Kim G told them Teresa is simply doing it to look good.

“It’s disgusting, why hasn’t she been donating all along? I donate to charity and quite frankly, I’m anonymous about doing it, I don’t even let people know who the charity is. The charities that I love are [for people who] can’t help their kids. So where’s the charity been all along? All of sudden we have a charity? We’re going to try to reverse that role [of being the convicted felon] because we’re facing jail time, so let’s do anything that we can to show that ‘I am a good person all of a sudden,’ If I was facing jail time and I was her, I’d be cleaning streets and doing anything for the town. If she’s remorseful like she says she is, you want to say that at this point because you know your ass is going down, where’s the remorse all along? That’s her way of life. She doesn’t know any other way of life. She’s very calculating, yeah she donated it to charity, I think it’s called the Teresa charity. ‘$24.50 for me and $.50 for them.’ If you are donating it to charity, you don’t ask for cash. You let people pay the way they can pay, If you’re asking for cash, it’s because you don’t want to show income and you’re hiding. If you’re in debt or whatever she is involved in, in terms of lawyer fees and all the nonsense and everybody she owes, you’re not handing all of that to charity. You’re taking some from the little pot here. Her lawyers probably want to kick her ass from one end to another because let’s face it, you’re out there asking for cash, she’s got her neck out on the line and he’s trying to help her. That’s all I can say?”


Kim is so hateful. Teresa had only put out there what the money was for because it was questioned. She wasn’t plastering her cause all over. And even if she did, who cares? It’s for a good cause! It’s bringing awareness for charity, since when is that so bad? Thoughts on what Kim G had to say?

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