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Carlton Puts Joyce Giraud’s Husband On Blast! Plus, Indirectly Blames Bravo Editing!

carlton michael
It is quite obvious Joyce Giraud and Carlton Gebbia will never be besties. Some of the tweets Carlton blasted off early yesterday morning will solidify that! Carlton first responded to Michael’s tweet regarding respect and Wiccan religion. Check out the exchange below:

carlton michael tweet

Then Carlton re-tweeted some awful things that her followers had to say about Joyce’s husband. Check out her re-tweets & responses:

carlton tweet slams

By calling Michael ‘unchristian’ is that not degrading towards him and his religion? Something Carlton has been crying about all season, being degraded for her religion and who she is. Pot meet…kettle yourself! It doesn’t stop there. Then Carlton indirectly blames Bravo editing, in which I can only assume for the reason she has been so hated all season.

carlton tweet blame bravo


I think Michael was simply pointing out that Carlton’s religion is a beautiful, positive thing, yet she’s so angry and has so much hatred. Do you agree with Michael? Or do you think Carlton got the “bad edit?”



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