RHONY Recap: And So The Bookgate Drama Continues Amongst All The Ladies!


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Tuesday’s episode of the Real Housewives of New York begins with Sonya rehearsing her new caberlesque gig and it’s looking a bit awkward. I don’t understand why Sonya thinks she should be doing this but to each their own!

Sonja is prepping for her show and complaining about how broke she is. Everyone is coming out to support Sonja except Ramona who is in Africa. Sonya states there were 500 tickets sold but I’m not buying it. Heather and Carole are trying to avoid Aviva so that nothing goes wrong which is a pretty smart move.

Aviva and LuAnn seem to be getting closer and the two are gossiping about Carole. LuAnn is not a fan with Carole and it’s obvious LuAnn and Aviva will be getting along very great because they have one thing in common-there dislike for Carole!

Now that LuAnn is back she’s hosting a BBQ. Carole isn’t LuAnn’s favorite person at the moment so Carole decides to be the bigger person and apologize to LuAnn for hurting her feelings. LuAnn accepts her apology. Everyone is present at the BBQ and the conversation gets straight back to the bookgate drama! So who brought up this pointless drama? Heather! Heather decides to stir up things by going up to Aviva again and speaking on who said what at the party and why it was said. Honestly, it’s coming to the point that these ladies are desperate for maintaining a spot on the Real Housewives especially after the long-break RHONY had so they will drag out all the drama. Carole seems over it but Heather keeps going on and on and that’s when everyone begins yelling and things get ugly. LuAnn attempts to stop the drama and wants to let Carole and Aviva talk alone. Aviva’s friend Amanda then threatens Heather and Heather is not very pleased. All in all the BBQ becomes one big hot mess-as expected! Until next week when Heather continues to blow up and things get even uglier! Thoughts on tonight’s episode? Are you over hearing about the same old drama?

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