RHOBH Recap: The Reunion Finally Comes To An End As The Husbands Join The Ladies!


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And so it comes to an end..the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills aired it’s part three and final reunion this Monday and things got interested with the husbands chiming in the drama. The final reunion began with. Andy begins the reunion by talking about what went wrong in Brandi Glanville and Lisa’s friendship. Brandi Glanville says things were just built up when it came to Lisa. Brandi then says she did her part as a friend to help Lisa with her show by speaking to Scheana AKA the girl who slept with her husband on camera. As Brandi keeps saying she did her part, Lisa doesn’t even respond negatively to Brandi. Lisa again explains that when it came to Scheana she had no idea Scheana had slept with Brandi’s husband until after Brandi told her. I highly doubt that’s true. Just think about when Lisa went up to Scheana that day at her restaurant and made sure to point out to Scheana she had absolutely no idea about it and that Scheana should leave. It all just seemed very calculated to me. Let’s be real, whether Lisa wants to admit it or not, she knows a LOT more about Scheana then she claims.

Brandi then points out how she would have hour conversations with Lisa that were really strategic. The two would discuss all that’s going on with the ladies and all that’s happened the day before. Lisa, as usual denies this until Kyle chimes in calling her out on the bullshit pointing out when they had the hour morning conversations, they would do the same exact thing! Busted, Lisa! Brandi then says she feels like Lisa wanted to drop her when she told her that Brandi was losing her audience. Kyle feels like Lisa will drop anyone once they become less popular on the show and Brandi feels the same way.

Kyle Richards is now telling Lisa her issues with everything and she is NOT holding back! Kyle believes Lisa can never ever just take responsibility and she’s tired of it. While the two are going back and fourth together, Carlton is trying to get involved which is upsetting Yolanda who is telling her to stay out of it! After Kyle says several times that Lisa just won’t apologize to her or admit in being wrong about bringing up the whole Mauricio Umansky cheating rumors, Lisa finally half-asses and apologizes. Lisa keeps saying all she wanted to do was put the rumors to rest and Kyle feels like she made the rumors spread by bringing it on the show. IF Lisa really was genuine about the whole Mauricio cheating thing, Lisa would CALL Kyle off camera and discuss it with her there and ask if it’s okay to bring it up on camera! Lisa still thinks it’s not a big deal but God knows if Kyle brought up Ken cheating on Lisa what Lisa would do.

Carlton is still trying to save herself a spot on the show because she keeps getting involved in the drama between Lisa and Kyle. Kyle shuts her up numerous times and it’s hilarious because Carlton is truly irrelevant. What I find most funny is that Lisa doesn’t really have much to say back to the ladies at the reunion but has been tweeting/blogging/ and doing interviews trashing them? Interesting..

Brandi stars tearing up and getting emotional when discussing her friendship with Lisa, again. Brandi feels like she’s being cheated on all over again with Scheana because Lisa has gotten so close with Scheana and even recently threw her an engagement party. Lisa says it’s for the show but it’s still uncalled for. When did you ever hear a boss throw their employee an engagement party? We then hear that not only did Lisa throw Scheana an engagement party, she takes her shopping. Lisa says it’s only because Scheana is starring on her show but Brandi points out how horrible Lisa is to her employees Kristin!

Moving along, the Real Housewives husbands finally join the ladies. Ken starts off by doing the right thing and apologizing on his own to Yolanda Foster and to Kim Richards for calling Yolanda stupid and making a comment about Kim and drinking. Lisa, take note from your husband. He knows how to admit his wrong doings and apologize even when he’s pissed off. Andy asks Ken if he could ever have Brandi be back in his life and he says no. Brandi has said a lot about his wife so I don’t blame him for his response. Brandi acts like she doesn’t care but then gets very emotional and begins crying uncontrollably which hysterically makes Ken change his answer because he doesn’t like seeing a woman cry. While Andy is wrapping up the reunion, Brandi is still crying. I find it weird that Lisa is so emotional when it comes to Brandi who has done and said so many bad things about her but never is emotional and is kind of more care less when it comes to Kyle.

And so it comes to an ending…and one thing I’m feeling content over is that it’s pretty obvious Carlton Gebbia will not be returning to the show! Thoughts on the final part three reunion? Let’s Discuss!

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