RHOA Recap: NeNe Leakes Isn’t Sorry For Calling Peter A Bitch; Plus Porsha Stewart Gives Out Demands For Kandi’s Musical!


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We start tonight’s episode right where we left off — NeNe calling Peter a bitch. Everyone is shocked that NeNe has said that, but no one says anything, INCLUDING Peter’s wife, Cynthia. Shame on Cynthia. She should have spoke off, and checked NeNe for saying that. Cynthia needs to giving general speeches when trying to confront someone. She needs to be direct and say it to them, so they know they can’t keep treating her like a welcome mat. Peter looks kind of hurt that NeNe is talking to him like that. NeNe doesn’t care, and is being sarcastic while saying, “I’m sorry.” Gregg is still mad about something he should have addressed when it was happening. Did NeNe and Gregg argue or something about him not defending her at Kenya’s party? Because he seems like he’s paying a debt when fighting with Peter.

All in all, I think Peter does need to stay out of the ladies’ drama, BUT NeNe needs to stop stepping to the men, and trying to act like a dude. The ladies return from Mexico and Kandi is with her manager Don Juan going over Porsha’s demands for the play. Le sigh. Porsha has had her attorney draw up a list of demands that she feels she needs in order to participate in the musical. Kandi and Don Juan are annoyed that Porsha thinks she is at the same level as some of the bigger stars in the show. Porsha needs a wake-up call, and needs to humble herself.

Kandi lets Porsha know what it is, and tells her she will not be getting her own dressing room. I don’t see why Porsha thinks they have to speak to her attorney, she’s not Beyonce. Cynthia and Peter are talking about what happened with NeNe and Gregg, and Peter really looks upset that Cynthia didn’t defend him. Cynthia is saying she has no problem telling NeNe she was wrong, and you can tell she regrets not standing up to NeNe in Mexico. NeNe and Gregg are talking and while Gregg feels bad about the drama it may have caused for NeNe and Cynthia, NeNe doesn’t think it’s a big deal, and still stands by her claims that Peter was acting like a bitch. What a friend…

Kandi and some of the people in her musical are at their old high school, and are surprising two students to be apart of their show. Kandi’s drama teacher was so sweet, and it was very interesting to see it was her who took Kandi to a lot of her auditions. Mama Joyce must have been working. Kenya is at home and just in time for the cameras, Marlo comes over. LOL Marlo asks Kenya how Mexico was, and Kenya tells her that the ladies were being fake nice to her. Kenya has a woman come over who is there to coach her how to take care of a baby. Susan the baby whisperer brings over a “chocolate” baby, which confuses Kenya because she wanted a white baby.

Kenya is being so extra in this scene, what is she? A teen in Home-Ec class? Susan asks Kenya about the possible father for the baby, and Kenya doesn’t say anything about her African Casper. I mean, Prince 🙂 Kandi and her dancers are rehearsing for the musical, and Porsha isn’t there, and isn’t going to be there for a couple of rehearsals. Kandi is worried, and she should be, the girls are learning a lot of choreography. Meanwhile back at the club, we find Porsha! LOL I’m sure this was Bravo editing at its finest to make it look like Porsha was clubbing instead of going to rehearsals.

Cynthia and Peter are meeting NeNe and Gregg for dinner. Cynthia tries getting things going, and NeNe jumps in and says that maybe since Gregg set the meeting up, he should speak first. Okay NeNe. Gregg is talking and reminding Peter why he’s upset. Peter talks and he’s heated. NeNe blames her behavior on “Nay-Nay,” and she tells Peter she just tells people like it is. NeNe says she didn’t realize she called Peter a bitch, and didn’t mean it. What she meant was Peter was ACTING like a bitch. Oh, Okay. Glad you cleared that up NeNe. I think everyone was confused. Cynthia tells NeNe they real friends respect each other, and they should be able to tell each other the truth.

Basically, NeNe really isn’t sorry for saying what she said.

That was pretty much it. Tonight’s episode was pretty tame, compared to last week’s. Next week, more Porsha and the musical drama, plus, why is Kenya crying?!

What did you think of tonight’s episode? Do you think NeNe was really sorry for what she said to Peter? Let’s Discuss!

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