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Joyce Giraud Reveals How Brandi Glanville Tried To Get Lisa Vanderpump To Make Her Look Bad When Her Father Passed!


Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star, Joyce Giraud, has taken to her Twitter account to share with fans what we DIDN’T see, when it comes to how low Brandi Glanville went, to try and bring her down. A few episodes before the finale, the ladies took a trip to Puerto Rico, even after the sad news of Joyce’s father passing. If you recall, Joyce wasn’t really involved much with the ladies, and when she was, she wasn’t her normal bubbly self, Well, this is where it gets interesting. Apparently, since Joyce was sad, Brandi thought it would be “great” if Lisa Vanderpump could get her to laugh, so Joyce would look bad since her father had just passed. Check it OUT!

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Thoughts on what Joyce had to say? Are you shocked Brandi would try to do this?

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