RHOA Recap: Kenya Repeats NeNe’s Couples’ Night And Peter And Gregg Unexpectedly Get Into It!


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The Real Housewives of Atlanta continues from last weeks episode when Apollo is having a conversation with someone who isn’t his wife! Kenya and Apollo are chit chatting and Kenya is demanding respect from Apollo when his wife Phaedra enters into the lobby and sees Kenya laughing with Apollo. The drama is about to go D-O-W-N!

Phaedra wants to know what is going on and luckily for Kenya and Apollo, Porsha walks in with her loud self and distracts the situation which causes Apollo to get out of his seat and move along from what’s about to go down.

Phaedra is so over this and escorts herself out and wants to go to bed. She’s pissed at Kenya and when Phaedra leaves, Kenya STILL approaches Apollo and asks to be friends with him. WTF is going on in her head?

NeNe and Porsha then take Apollo to the side and ask why the hell Apollo is talking to Kenya. Apollo now feels like he is being treated as a child and says at the end of the day, he was never being inappropriate. I don’t think Apollo will get it unless Phaedra does some stupid stuff to him.

Apollo follows Phaedra back to the hotel room and she is locked out. She’s upset and Apollo isn’t making it any better. I feel like Phaedra doesn’t know how to express her feelings and because she isn’t, Apollo decides to leave her behind and go back to the lobby to hang out with the gang. That’s a NO-NO and Apollo has crossed a line!

The next day, Apollo actually attempts to make things better by bringing Phaedra a flower in the morning and wants Phaedra to get out of this funk. Maybe Phaedra wouldn’t be in this funk, if her husband opened his eyes and stopped acting like an idiot.

Cynthia and Peter approach Kenya and Miss. Lawrence and wants to know what is going on with Apollo and Kenya. Miss. Lawrence explains that Kenya and Apollo have Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie chemistry. Kenya insists that’s not the case and says she doesn’t do “married ex-cons.” But let’s be real, I think Kenya would do just about anything or anyone at this point in her life.

Apollo knows he messed up so is throwing a surprise birthday for Phaedra with all the RHOA gang. If Apollo really wanted to do something nice for Phaedra, he should have done something for just the two of them.

The trip is coming to an end so Kenya plans a “special night.” Kenya knows everyone is getting along so well so she wants to re-do couples night. I don’t get it. If she knows everyone is getting along, why reenact something that went so horribly wrong? Typical Kenya. It’s all in fun but Kenya is asking stupid questions to stir up crap. And it’s working. NeNe and Peter are getting into it with Porsha. Then Kandi and NeNe are getting into it and Kenya is sitting in the corner happy as hell!

The conversation gets to cheating and half of the gang say cheating is okay while some say it’s not okay. Apollo and Peter are debating about cheating and things are getting super heated and Phaedra does not know what the hell Apollo is talking about. Kenya then dismisses the men so the girls can hash out any drama they have among each other. Kenya asks NeNe about Marlo and NeNe refuses to speak of Marlo. I don’t really understand why NeNe is mad with Marlo for being friends with Kenya when she is now all of a sudden okay with Kenya.

Back at the hotel with the men, Peter asks Apollo about the situation where Apollo and Kenya were speaking. Apollo says he is a man and could speak with whoever he wants. Now Kenya then asks Phaedra about the elephant int he room-Apollo. Kenya says she is just trying to make amends but when Phaedra opens up about what she’s saying, Kenya goes all kinds of crazy. Porsha chimes in because she doesn’t like that Kenya continues to comment on marriage when she hasn’t ever been married.

At the mens hotel, Gregg then tells Peter he is not OKAY with Peter getting up in NeNe’s face because it is disrespectful and Peter is shocked about this. Gregg is bossing up and says he is going to give Peter a pass and Gregg is getting really angry. Gregg feels like if Peter is upset with NeNe, that he should go up to Gregg not up to NeNe. Gregg is getting pissed and Todd comes in the middle. He doesn’t want the guys to fight. Gregg dares Peter to get into NeNe’s face again and he will show him. The ladies walk back to the hotel room and notice the men are going crazy. They run to see what’s going on and see Gregg and Peter are arguing. Gregg is super upset and Peter wants to get the hell out of there. NeNe then gets in Peter’s face to discuss the event. Kenya tries to hold back Gregg which makes him flip out so much more. Kenya is so sad because she wanted to just make things better which is obviously not the case-hence the game questions. Back to the Peter drama, NeNe thinks Peter is involved in all of the ladies drama and thinks he needs to stop being a b*tch and BOOM…until next time! Thought’s on tonight’s episode? Let’s Discuss!

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