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Sheree Whitfield Tells Andy Cohen The Status Of ‘Chateau Sheree!’


‘Who gonna check me boo?’ – Um…we are! Gonna check up on your crib at least. Ms. Sheree Whitfield was surprisingly invited to the WWHL Club house Sunday night. Andy who seemed completely buzzed went to his twitter questions and asked the burning question we are all thinking…What is the status of Chateau Sheree? Turns out Chateau Sheree is COMPLETE……LY full of dirt. Still. (anyone surprised? no? me neither) Andy read off a tweet in regards to asking the update on the Chateau Sheree and this is all she had to say:

Sheree says, “Andy, you didn’t see it on MTV Cribs? The land was on MTV Cribs.”

Andy responds , “I’ll have to check for that…” (thrown with great shade!)


Cute…how she thinks people still watch MTV cribs..  Andy knew she wasn’t going to go into any more detail (What would she have talked about anyways? The different kinds of dirt a’la chateau style? Chateau soil, chateau silt, chateau sand, chateau gravel, chateau red dirt…pssh Bisshhh please!) So he left it at that, and went on with his show. Wetpaint shares what was lastly updated regarding the ‘Chateau,’ read below:


“Last we heard, “Chateau Neverland,” as NeNe Leakes used to call it, still isn’t completed — though rumors that the home had gone into foreclosure were proven false back in fall 2013.”


chataeu sheree

It’s actually further along than I thought..but what is it? It’s 17th year of building??

Thoughts? Think she’ll ever get around to finish paying building her Chataeu Sheree?

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