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Why Was Porsha Stewart Alone On The Couples Trip To Mexico? Was She Set Up?


Viva la Mexico! At least that’s what the RHOA have been up to. While watching all these ladies and their men go on a ‘couples trip’ to Mexico, it got me curious as to why Porsha went all by her lonesome and didn’t invite her sister Lauren.  Kind of how Kenya Moore invited Ms. Lawrence as her plus 1 since her African Prince doesn’t exist doesn’t want to be in front of the cameras. Of course I searched twitter for answers and when asked, Porsha claimed she wasn’t allowed to bring a plus one! Check out what she had to say below:

Porshatweet 2

I assume ‘They’ stands for Bravo but it could mean Kenya since she was the ‘host’ of the trip. I could definitely see Bravo telling her she’s not allowed to take anyone just so there could be more drama. If I was anywhere alone with these women I would definitely lose my shit a lot easier without a buffer friend to go to. And Porsha seems to even think it may have been a set up sending her alone to Mexico for the group to ‘discuss’ her marriage. Just read her tweet:


This is in regards to when Peter confronted Kenya about her marriage and it turned into 1 vs. the pack! (which btw, why the crap is Peter even being the one to stir up drama? why is he meeting up with Kordell in the first place? Last I checked this was The Real HouseWIVES of Atlanta. Not the bitchy wanna be peach holding husbands of Atlanta.


Do you think it’s fair Porsha wasn’t allowed to bring anyone? Do you think it was a ‘set up’?



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