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RHOA Recap: Kenya Moore Twirls Her Way Into More Trouble With Apollo Nida Plus Apollo Admits He Could Have Slept With Kenya!

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Happy Sunday! Let’s get to it! We start tonight’s episode off with Kenya and Miss Lawrence having breakfast. Lawrence immediately brings up what happened at dinner, and he says he was confused about Porsha’s explanation of her and Kordell’s marriage. Kenya says Porsha finally admitted to having an arranged marriage. Lawrence says now that people have the perception of Kordell being gay, that is never going to change. I agree. Kenya tells Lawrence that Kordell wanted a trophy wife, but Porsha isn’t a trophy, she’s more like an unauthenticated certificate. OUCH. Kenya says she is tired of everybody lying, including Apollo, who she thinks would have slept with her, if that was a possibility. Lawrence agrees with Kenya about having a one-on-one with Apollo. I think that is nothing but trouble, but hey, Kenya LOVES trouble. LOL The rest of the gang is meeting up with Kenya and Lawrence to go to the caves.

On the car ride to the caves, Kandi is talking about her issues with her wedding due to Mama Joyce causing chaos about it all. Kenya asks Kandi what she plans to do about all the drama, and Peter says Todd is going to start getting frustrated with her if she (Kandi) keeps letting her mom interfere. Kandi keeps making excuses instead of seeing the real picture everyone is trying to paint for her. Todd tells Kandi in front of everyone how she’s told Kandi to take her mom to a therapist with her to work out their issues, and he says that she can’t keep running away every time her mom cusses her out and think it’s going to get better. I agree. I feel bad for Todd.

Todd is really spelling it out for Kandi, and you can tell Kandi is embarrassed. What’s funny is how everyone in the car is nodding at everything Todd is saying about Mama Joyce and Kandi. LOL It’s time to go into the caves, and out of nowhere the girls (and Gregg) start screaming about a huge snake that’s just chilling there. It’s so fat and slimy, and I commend these girls for not running in the car.

The ladies are finally in the caves. They are really pretty and terrifying at the same time. I mean there is beautiful natural springs water, and bats. Kenya wants to go swimming, and Apollo is the first one to take his shirt off while everyone else is just standing there not feeling it. Phaedra looks intimidated to take her coverup off as Kenya the fit body is just swimming around in her bikini. The rest of the ladies finally take their coverups off and join Kenya, except Cynthia and NeNe who are in jeans.

Kenya is being nice to Apollo and tells him as she’s going up the stairs to take a picture. I mention the stairs because right after Kenya walks up, the cameraman catches the perfect shot of Apollo just staring at Kenya’s butt as she’s walking. LOL Kenya has all the ladies get ready for the next surprise she has for them. Kenya wants the girls who have been supportive of her getting pregnant there, so that means Phaedra and Porsha are not invited.

Kenya and the ladies are standing in a circle and Kenya starts crying as she tells the ladies how she hopes this spiritual healer can help her get pregnant. The ladies are very supportive of Kenya doing this and are going along with it. Porsha and Phaedra are in the pool lounging, and Phaedra brings up how nobody has brought up the Bailey Bowl, and the fight that broke out between NeNe and Marlo.

Kenya is talking to the ladies (and Lawrence) and she’s telling them how she never thought having kids were going to be a problem for her, and how she didn’t realize how much she wanted to be a mom until she was 35. All the ladies are happy that Kenya is being so open with her, instead of just being her usual twirling self. All the ladies are sharing their stories with Kenya and it’s a nice moment.

The men are bonding with their cigars and of course, Peter is being a housewife and is trying to gossip. He brings up Kandi and Mama Joyce to Todd, and tells Todd what he needs to do. Put down the peach Peter! Kenya and Lawrence walk in as the men are talking and she orders tequila shots for everyone. Kenya is such a flirt, and Apollo loves it. He can’t stop staring at her. Btw, Lawrence makes smoking a cigar so classy.

Kenya wants Apollo to go with her to pick out tequila, and Peter tells him to stay put and not get up. Todd ends the whole thing and just goes with them. Kenya wants to chat with Apollo and Todd is with them. Todd says he’ll only walk away if Apollo tells him to, which Apollo ends up doing. Kenya starts off by asking Apollo what’s going on with him, and they seriously are so cheesy around each other.

Kenya goes into how things were in the beginning of her friendship with Phaedra, and how Apollo treated her afterwards. Kenya tells Apollo he knows the things he said weren’t true, and Apollo is just staying quiet. Apollo says he doesn’t want to go there and Kenya put herself in that situation, and admits to Kenya that he “could have” if he wanted to. Uhhh.. does Apollo want to live? Why would he say that? Especially ON CAMERA!

Kenya makes it clear that she never offered sex to Apollo, and Apollo says Kenya is attractive and any man could fall victim to that. Apollo just seems like he is going around in circles. He is lying, and it is even more clearer now. He’s basically saying he heard Kenya was talking about him, so he lied about her, and knows he could have slept with her. So disgusting.

Phaedra and Kandi are now coming into the room, and even the men are scared about what’s going to go down. Phaedra is immediately annoyed and she walks over there to see what Apollo and Kenya are talking about.

Next week, the drama continues between the ladies and the househusbands!

What did you think of tonight’s episode? Let’s Discuss!

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