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Kordell Stewart’s Attorney Dishes On Everything Porsha Stewart Did NOT Get In The Divorce Settlement!


We have yet to hear from Real Housewives of Atlanta star, Porsha Stewart, on just how much she actually received in her divorce settlement with ex husband Kordell Stewart, but no worries, because Kordell’s attorney is spilling the tea on it all! Wendy Williams recently shared on Friday’s Hot Topics segment, that they reached out to Kordell’s lawyer, and he was more than willing to share how Porsha is pretty much getting NOTHING. Check it OUT!

Wendy reported,

“Porsha is barely getting anything in the settlement. She got no alimony. She got no house. She got no part of his NFL retirement money. She got no cash out. She got no health insurance. And she even has to pay her own credit card balances.”

So what did Porsha get?

“She walked (or drove rather) away with her Mercedes. Her personal items. And her engagement ring.”

The couple did not have a prenuptial agreement, and Kordell is reportedly worth 22 million dollars.

Well, I hope Porsha is making bank off her weave business, because I’m sure those credit card bills alone are expensive. Thoughts on Porsha’s divorce being final? Are you surprised she received so little?

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