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What Did Porsha Stewart Get Out of Her Divorce Settlement? Plus, Is There A New Man Already?

porsha ring


Porsha and Kordell Stewart’s settlement is finally, well…settled! What did she get out of this grueling divorce? Well let’s just say, expect some major drama, shade, and tea from little Porsha at the RHOA Reunion! And of course some singing. (apparently that’s what she does now.) Because Porsha’s going to need to figure out how to secure her spot on RHOA next season. What did she get out of the settlement…Porsha is keeping the ring! That’s right, the bling that will forever remind her of the marriage that almost was. She gets the ring and her personal belongings. (Like she paid for anything out of her own pocket??) Kordell is keeping everything else…as in EVERYTHING! Their two houses, the multiple cars, his retirement fund in full and any and everything else he paid for. However, Kordell is paying for Porsha’s nearly $19,000 attorney fees. (it’s the least he could do)

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But this doesn’t seem to stop Porsha from moving on to the next paycheck man! According to sources at TMZ she has been getting friendly with a secret invisible African Prince a’la Kenya Moore style! Just kidding. But she is reportedly canoodling with Teodoro Nguema Obiang Mangue who is the son of a wealthy African dictator and ruler of Equatorial Guinea. Evidently Teodoro’s father is known as a corrupt ruler who has landed in fortunes by plundering his own countries oil wealth. At least now Teodoro can spoil Porsha with plenty of unnecessary things that reaffirm her need to feel credible.


What are your thoughts on her settlement and Porsha moving on to another wealthy man so soon?



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