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Book Comes Out With Details On Kelsey Grammar’s Affair, Camille DISGUSTED!

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First things first, Kelsey Grammer is a dirty, disgusting, nasty, low down, filthy pig! Second, seriously, Kelsey makes me want to vomit. Third, Camille has handled everything about their divorce (and his pig ass) with more class than I could muscle up over a lifetime! So props to Camille, it is quite admirable. However, journalist Michael Gross is bringing light back to the beginning of the end for Camille and Kelsey. Gross goes into inside details in his realty book House of Outrageous Fortune of when Camille showed up to their New York apartment, where Kelsey’s girlfriend was staying. Radar shares some of the books allegations and Camille’s reaction.

“It’s disgusting someone from the building would do that and make profits off of it. It’s not only hurtful for my family, but for the other residents, including Alex Rodriguez and Sting who appear in the book as well].”

Michael Gross states Camille was enlightened about the relationship between Kelsey and Kayte Walsh when she called the New York apartment from California. Someone from the apartment building

“told her his wife was already in the building. She genuinely didn’t know. Incidents followed.”

The book continues to state,

“Between the taping of that show and the time it aired, Camille Grammer filed for divorce… Her husband immediately married a former flight attendant, Kayte Walsh, twenty-seven years his junior.”

This makes my skin crawl. 1. Kelsey is a pig. 2. That someone would actually write a ‘real estate’ book and include this hurtful drama about a divorce. Do they not care about the affecting families? It’s obvious he needed something juicy in there to help sell issues.(we’re not stupid Michael!) and 3. Kelsey is a pig! (did I mention that already?)

What do you think about a ‘real estate’ book dishing on Camille and Kelsey’s drama regarding him being a pig? Tell me your thoughts!

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