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Are the RHOBH Ladies Pulling a RHONY Standoff and Demanding Raises For Next Season?

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The Beverly Hills ladies may have wrapped season 4 (with poor finale ratings may I add! just read here) yet, it has all but ended for the ladies. They are already looking to next season and DEMANDING more money! Isn’t it always that way with these housewives? More more more! These ladies are already making it in Beverly Hills, do they need the ‘job’ that bad? And to be honest, this season was somewhat of a lack luster. But that doesn’t stop the women from making demands. First off, I’m sorry to all of those not wanting Brandi back, but it looks like we’ll be seeing her another season. Second, it’s being reported Kim, Kyle, Brandi, and Lisa are pulling a RHONY stand off. (did they miss the memo that this doesn’t quite work out?)

Radar reports on an inside source who shares,

“Bravo loves the nucleus of these four women, even when they’re fighting with each other! They always bring drama and glamor to the show. The network has resolved that it wants to bring them back. Just like the New York ladies, the Beverly Hills cast want more money and they’re hoping that because their ratings were so high this season, the network will buckle and pay them more. Lisa, Brandi and Kyle are all smart business women and they’re going to play hardball with the network.”

Isn’t Lisa opening her 3rd restaurant in Beverly Hills? It takes a lot of work and success to keep businesses not only open, but thriving, in Beverly Hills and Lisa’s working on her 3rd? And demanding more money? I guess that’s why she’s a good business woman. But when is enough enough? Can anyone just be happy with what they have? Obviously not…the insider continues to say,

“Brandi has said that she wants to make the $250,000 that the other women make, but they want even more this season. One problem with them banding together is that they all genuinely hate each other right now!”

Weren’t there a few new ladies this season? Oh right, Joyce Giraud and Carlton Gebbia. The source dishes on them saying,

“They haven’t been given contracts yet and it’s known how producers want new people to come on the show to reinvigorate things.”


Hah! Poor ladies just couldn’t bring it this season. And I’m talking about ALL of them. Funny Yolanda was never mentioned. I say bring back Adrienne Maloof and Camille Grammer! Real money with Maloof and genuine wit and class with Camille. It would definitely bring my attention back!


Do you think this RHOBH stand off with Kim, Kyle, Brandi and Lisa will work in their favor? What are your thoughts on what this insider shared about next season?

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