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Does Bravo Want Camille Grammer and Adrienne Maloof Back on RHOBH Next Season?

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Snarky psychics, cooking 101 with Adrienne, $50,000 child birthday parties, and sisterly drama…Anyone else miss the original RHOBH shenanigans? Well, Radar reports Bravo is wanting the OG’s of Beverly Hills back! (and who doesn’t at this point) Bringing back Cammille Grammar and Adrienne Maloof could be more refreshing to the RHOBH cast than finding new blood. Just look at the new blood thus far…are any of you greatly impressed? According to a show insider Camille just lost interest in the franchise while Adrienne had a bad falling out, but Bravo is trying to get them back!

“Camille has always stayed friends with the ladies, and she was always popular on the show, she just didn’t want to do it anymore. Adrienne is a completely different story. She had a really bad ending, especially with Andy , BUT people have been reaching out to her to tell her that it would be great to have her back, especially after all of the drama with Lisa and Brandi.”

It looks like Bravo, this go around, is looking for actual friends of the housewives so we can stop calling out all the obvious faux friendships. The insider source adds,

“They do want friends, but the Camille and Adrienne have huge fan bases and bringing them back would be shocking and would definitely cause a lot of drama. Having old faces, and then maybe some new ones, would be something producers are hearing that fans would like and are trying to see if this is something they should do. They want the show to stay popular and high in ratings and it would be shocking if the women came back and surprised the cast.”

I’m sure the guaranteed fan base (a.k.a guaranteed ratings) wouldn’t hurt either! It is frustrating when we, the viewers, know some of these women never speak to each other outside of filming. I would love to see what Camille is up to now a days, single, sexy and ready to mingle! I wouldn’t even mind seeing what ‘golden hair tassles’ Adrienne was up to. As long as we got to see snippets of what Paul is up to also! Yea, yea, they’re divorced, but Paul was a large factor into what kept Adrienne interesting. Plus we would see Brandi having to face Adrienne without Lisa and Ken to back her up. Maybe it would bring Lisa & Adrienne back together?

What are your thoughts? Would you like to see Adrienne or Camille back on RHOBH? Or should Bravo look for
new blood?

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