Dance Moms Recap: Abby Lee Miller Brings In A New Dancer; And Cathy Pulls Her Kids’ Number!



It’s Tuesday, so let’s get to it! Abby is at her front desk discussing with her assistant choreographer, Gianna, about a new dancer she’s bringing in, Fallon. Abby says Fallon has stuck in her head since the auditions she held, so she’s bringing her on the team. It’s time for pyramid, and the new girl is getting introduced to all the girls, and her mom Cheryl is meeting the moms. Abby says Fallon might be apart of the new team, and she says Kalani is not there because of her mother. I think that’s BS. All her mom said was “Can Kalani compete against Maddie?” Don’t mess with Abby’s Queen Maddie! Kendall is at the bottom of the pyramid for finishing in 9th place in her division. Chloe is right behind her, for not doing well at the improv. Say what? How is Mackenzie ahead of Chloe? Fallon’s photo is next, and mind you, she’s done nothing but show up at an audition. Fallon’s photo is a wee bit scary. The child is much more precious in person. Of course, gracing the top of the pyramid is Maddie.

Abby announces to the girls that they are heading to a competition in Ohio, and it’s going to be hell since that means they will be seeing Granny Apples Cathy. Abby says all the girls will be in the group routine, except maybe Mackenzie, since the dance is a little mature. Abby gives Kendall a solo so she can redeem herself. Abby is ready to fight with Jill, but Jill turns the subject into Abby’s mom, Mrs. Miller. Well played, Jill. LOL The mom’s head upstairs to their cell, while the girls start the group dance. Abby changed her mind in a matter of seconds and Mackenzie is in the group dance.

Over in Ohio, Cathy and her newest team are working with a new choreographer, and on their group dance. Cathy tells her team Abby’s team will be competing against them, and that she wants to win against Abby. Jill tells the new mom she’s scared that Fallon has been brought in to beat Kendall. Abby and the girls are visiting Abby’s mom at her hospice care facility. What’s scary is that Broadway Baby, and Mrs. Miller both match. The girls are preparing to dance for the rest of the residents there, and of course, Abby’s shushes all the elderly people there. Oh Abby. The girls individually take the floor, and they are so cute. Everybody is smiling and it’s a sweet moment.

It’s two days till the competition, and Abby is working with Fallon on her solo. Jill and Cheryl are downstairs watching the girls, and the rest of the moms are upstairs gossiping about the new mom looking old. Melissa is so funny when Christi tells her Cheryl is her age, Melissa says that can’t be possible because Cheryl looks too old. LOL Over at Cathy’s studio, she has what looks like a baby Lucas working on his solo. Cathy is Ohio’s Abby, where she just sits there, and let’s someone else do all the work, and then claims it as her own.

Kendall is working on her solo, and she’s so gorgeous, but her posture bugs the life out of me! Abby tells Kendall if she doesn’t make it into the top 5, she won’t ever receive a solo again. Uhh.. no pressure Abby. Cathy’s team is practicing and they’re struggling. Cathy is yelling at these kids, when she should be grateful to Lifetime that they paid for these awesome dancers to come and try and give her a fighting chance for a win. Abby is yelling at Fallon as she’s practicing her solo. Funny enough, Abby cannot stand her “gut.” Abby leaves the room to take a phone call, and poor Fallon is just standing there lost.

Abby goes upstairs to tell Cheryl that she wishes Kalani was there, because Kalani is a beautiful dancer, and she is gorgeous, whereas Fallon is “hurting” the team. Cheryl is trying to stand up for her daughter and she starts crying. Abby makes her feel even worse by asking her 30 times, “Are you crying?” It’s time for the competition, and the ladies are all on the bus. Abby asks Cheryl if she brought Fallon’s solo costume, and Cheryl says she didn’t bring it, because she figured someone else would. Huh? How do you not bring your OWN costume? Why would someone else bring it for you?

The ladies arrive in their dressing room, and the moms are asking Cheryl what she plans to do about her daughters nonexistent costume. I feel so bad for Fallon. I don’t know how she’s not crying. Over in the Candy Apple dressing room, their soloist is practicing his routine, and Kendall and Fallon should be scared. Abby is lecturing Kendall, and she looks like a nervous mess. It’s time for the soloist to perform. First up, Gavin. Gavin was okay, I don’t think he’s as amazing at Lucas, but he did an okay job. Next up to perform is Kendall. Kendall’s costume is gorgeous, and she is dancing beautifully, much better than last week’s performance.

Last one to go on, is Fallon. Although she looks like a beautiful doll onstage, she forgets her routine. This poor kid. Abby goes up to the judges table and makes it worse, and tells them to disqualify her. How awful can Abby be. The judges tell her they can’t disqualify a kid for that reason, and I’m still in shock that Abby would embarrass herself and Fallon, and even do that. Everyone is back in the dressing room, and Fallon is so sad. I feel so horrible for her. To make matters worse, she even sliced her knee and is bleeding.

Cathy comes in and tells the new girl that it’s okay that she forgot her dance, and it was good of her to keep dancing, wait for it. Cathy then continues to say how Abby tried to have Fallon disqualified, and all the moms are shocked. I don’t know how Cathy can be so heartless to tell that to a little girl. She is just as bad as Abby. Cathy now hopes that Fallon’s bad performance will lead to a victory for them. Cathy tells her choreographer, that she wants to see Abby’s girl go first so she can see how good their dance is, and decide whether or not she will have her team compete against them.

The groups are now performing and ALDC is up first. The girls’ dance is good, but some of them are a little off, but they end really strong. It’s time for the Apples to go on, and Cathy PULLS THE NUMBER! These poor little babies. I cannot believe Cathy did that. Abby and Cathy are so wrapped up in their own dumb feud, that they fail to do what’s best for the kids, just to save face. Maddie tells Abby what Cathy is telling her dance team backstage, and Abby couldn’t be happier.

It’s time for the awards, and the solos are up first. Fallon takes third place, Kendall comes in second place with only a point in between her and Cathy’s kid, Gavin. I think Kendall should have won. The group awards are next, and the girls take first. They did it. Their tenth win in a row. Good job girls! Abby is so happy and cheering in the dressing room, and the girls are so happy. Abby tells Fallon and her mom that if Fallon would have beat Kendall, she would have had a spot on the team.

The moms see Cathy in the hallway, and they can’t help but ask why she didn’t let her kids perform, to which Cathy replies, “None of your business.” Abby hears Cathy and immediately goes over there to tell her she’s a coward, and a joke. I could watch Abby and Cathy fight for days. LOL The episode ends with Abby slamming the door in Cathy’s face.

Next week, Leslie returns, and so does some fabulous drag queens!

What did you think of tonight’s episode? Do you think Fallon should have been given another chance? Let’s discuss!

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