RHOBH Recap: Yolanda Can’t Stop Calling Out The Vanderpumps Plus Brandi And Lisa Leave Things Unresolved On The Season Finale


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The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills aired it’s season finale tonight and it did not disappoint. Loaded with drama, the episode begins with everyone entering the Beverly Hills Chambers event. Carlton and Yolanda are one of the first to be there and Carlton is doing what she does best..kissing Yolanda’s ass like she does Lisa’s. Carlton is so happy to see Yolanda and tells Yolanda she wants to see her and Lisa move past the drama. Yolanda explains that it’s hard because Lisa is pretty much a phony hollywood friend. Carlton just listens. Can you imagine if Kyle was speaking about Lisa behind her back like Yolanda is? Carlton would have went mad but because it’s Yolanda, she just listens and says not one thing.

Lisa and Ken are on the way to the event and Lisa seems nervous but claims she’s just sad about everything. Ken doesn’t understand why Brandi would start all this drama when he and Lisa were so good to her. Ken is right. It doesn’t make sense as to why Brandi would create so much drama when all we have ever seen is Ken and Lisa speak positively about Brandi and be there for her.

Everyone arrives to the event and it must sting for Lisa to see Brandi and Kyle be together. Yolanda spots Lisa and approaches her and says hello while Kyle follows shortly after…things are already awkward. Lisa then apologizes to Yolanda and Kyle for leaving Puerto Rico early and Yolanda questions why she would leave without saying anything. Lisa says it’s complicated. Yolanda thinks they should have texted someone and thinks it’s not right. Yolanda also points out how Lisa actually never left but switched resorts and posted photos with her and her husband down the street adding that it’s proof she isn’t a true friend. While the ladies are chatting with Lisa, Ken walks bye awkwardly barely saying hi to Kyle and Yolanda which ticks Yolanda off who walks away as well.

Joyce approaches Lisa when she’s alone and asks why Lisa and Ken left without saying goodbye. Lisa said it was better that way. I’m confused at this point. Lisa is all about getting the other ladies to confront each other but clearly wants to avoid being confronted…Joyce tells Ken and Lisa when they left that Kim felt really bad about what she said to Ken. Ken then says it doesn’t matter because Kim is not even on the same planet as them which Joyce points out is mean. Lisa agrees with her husband adding that it’s not mean at all. Typical. Only when people say things to Lisa it’s mean. Kim then goes up to Ken and Lisa and genuinely apologizes for the things she said to Ken at Puerto Rico. Ken and Lisa barely acknowledge Kim’s apology let even look at her. I didn’t agree with how Kim acted towards Ken but nothing was more pathetic and childish then Ken and Lisa’s reaction to Kim’s apology.

Brandi and Carlton are now talking and Carlton is acting upset about what happened at Puerto Rico for Lisa’s behalf. Brandi calls out Carlton for acting mad and explains in her interview that Lisa is collecting people and it actually makes a lot of sense. Lisa is now crying to Carlton and Carlton wants nothing more then to be Lisa’s friend so Carlton benefits Lisa because Carlton will stick up for Lisa like she did to Brandi.

At the event, Lisa grabs Kyle to the side to talk to her. Lisa tells Kyle it’s up to her on who to believe saying that it doesn’t matter to Kyle anymore. It’s clear Lisa doesn’t even care about her relationship with Kyle. Kyle says she feels like Lisa only ever stuck up for her marriage when tabloids leaked Lisa was the one who who brought the rumors out there. Lisa dismisses everything Kyle says and it’s clear she does not care about how Kyle feels. Kyle points out how Lisa has stated several times that Brandi is not a liar and she is a straight shooter. Lisa says that’s what she thoughts but now that Brandi has turned on her, Lisa’s opinion has changed. Lol. Typical. Kyle asks if Lisa cares about her. Lisa says she does and says she can’t do this anymore and be in situations like this every time she goes out. If Lisa truly feels this way, she should probably stop starring in shows focused solely on drama and “reality?”

Now it’s Brandi’s turn to speak to Lisa! Brandi tells Lisa how heartbreaking things were for her when her and Eddie split and how Lisa is not a good friend when she’s hanging around the women Eddie had an affair with. Lisa then tries to say what upsets her which makes Brandi furious because Brandi tells Lisa this has nothing to do with her. The two keep going back and fourth and Lisa is actually sticking up for what Scheana did justifying that Scheana was devastated. Things are not getting resolved between these two and I’m over there drama.

Mauricio wants to have a one-0n-one with Ken about all the drama going on. He loves Ken and although he’s upset with them wants to move forward with him because he values their friendship. That’s when Lisa chimes in as usual which makes Brandi and Yolanda follow. Had Lisa stayed in her lane, the other two would have never joined the conversation. Once Lisa realizes Yolanda and Brandi are present she no longer wants them to have this conversation. Ken and Mauricio walk away from the ladies and Ken is irritated. While Ken and Mauricio are chatting, Brandi is calling out Lisa in front Kyle and Yolanda saying she did look through the magazine with Kyle and Mauricio and did say they should bring it to Palm Springs. Honestly, I don’t think Brandi is lying about this. I do believe Lisa said those things not thinking Brandi would blow it up and tell Kyle. Brandi will not stop pointing out what Lisa did even admitting she will take a lie detector test because she is telling the truth. Now that Mauricio and Ken are on good terms he comes to Lisa’s side to save her and Yolanda has had it up to here with Ken. She calls him out for constantly getting in the ladies faces. Ken is getting upset and tells Yolanda that her husband would do the same. That’s when he gets close to Yolanda and sort of touches her when speaking to her and Yolanda FREAKS out. Ken calls Yolanda stupid and walks away while Yolanda continues to call him out. In Lisa’s interview, Lisa goes after Yolanda’s disease and makes fun of her for not being able to remember things which was out of line considering it’s a serious condition. Things end unresolved with Lisa and Lisa believes it’s all nonsense. Kyle truly wants to move forward with Lisa but realizes that it probably won’t happen.

Until the reunion……thoughts on the season finale? Let’s Discuss!

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