RHOBH Recap: Lisa Vanderpump Leans On Carlton Gebbia After Feeling Attacked From Her Former Friends!


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The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills continue from all the craziness that occurred with the ladies all calling out Lisa Vanderpump. The ladies are still vacationing in Puerto Rico and wake up for some brunch. One person is missing and that’s Lisa Vanderpump. Kyle asks the ladies if anyone has spoken to Lisa and everyone says they have not. Kim reveals that she is considering texting Lisa’s husband Ken after flipping out on him the night before. I will give Kim credit for one thing. She acknowledges when she’s wrong and she knows she overreacted with Ken. Yolanda then questions how Kyle has remained friends with Lisa Vanderpump after all that Lisa has done egging the situation and Kyle laughs it off and says she needs therapy. It’s pretty obvious Kyle really cares about Lisa, if not, she would not continue to want to be friends with her despite all they’ve gone through.

Yolanda goes to the bathroom and when coming back reveals she spoke to the people at the Hotel and found out that Lisa and Ken actually left the resort without saying goodbye! Yolanda says she was told Lisa and Ken asked for a taxi around 4 am and went to the airport without saying goodbye. Joyce says she wishes Lisa would have at least told her she was leaving and I agree with Joyce. Joyce set this whole trip up and had nothing to do with the drama so it would have been appropriate for Lisa to reach out instead of leaving without anyone knowing. The ladies agree to stop talking about Lisa and actually enjoy the rest of there time at Puerto Rico..without Lisa.

The ladies are back at home and Yolanda invites Brandi’s family over. Brandi points out in her interview no matter how much she has messed up, Yolanda has always been there for her..unlike Lisa. I don’t know how I feel about Brandi saying this because to me, from what I can see on this show, Lisa has always really been there for Brandi but then again, I don’t know what happened outside of filming. Yolanda is giving Brandi’s family a tour and Brandi ends up surprising her parents with a new car which was super sweet on her end.

Back over at Lisa’s. Lisa is now hanging out with Carlton Gebbia. What a surprise. Carlton tells Lisa she has to attend an event and Lisa refuses to after all the drama that went down. Lisa then begins opening up to Carlton and breaks down. Lisa doesn’t understand why Brandi has turned on her because she points out how Brandi has always had her back. Lisa is explaining all the drama that happened in Puerto Rico to Carlton and Carlton now thinks her children act more mature than the ladies..so Carlton do they act more mature then you as well? Carlton then tries to act like she’s a “girls girl” but slams all the other ladies labeling them as “insecure.” Speaking of labeling. Wasn’t it Carlton who flips out at Kyle Richards several times because Kyle tends to apparently “label?” Carlton is the definition of a hypocrite and it bothers me that she even appeared on the episode.

Back at Kim’s house, she is sending off her daughter to college. Now Kim’s storyline involving her daughter was cute the first time that it was spoken about but now I’m over it and feel like it’s time for Kim to move on from RHOBH. But let’s just note that her ex that we got to see on tonight’s episode is really good looking! Then again, I can’t imagine the show without her. Kyle is taking Porsha and her daughters to get her ears pierced and it was probably one of the most hilarious scenes I have seen. These girls are truly so scared to get it pierced but I can’t even make fun of them. That’s exactly how I would feel. Still, it was priceless to watch. The episode revolved around the ladies being with there family and at times I thought it was boring, but remembered this is how the Real Housewives actually was in the beginning before it was all about drama. So I started appreciating seeing all the cute/sad moments the ladies were having with there families. The hardest part of the episode was watching Yolanda Foster saying goodbye to her daughter Gigi as she moved to New York for college was heartbreaking. I honestly think Yolanda is an incredible mother who has raised her children so well. Seeing Kim say goodbye to her daughter was just as sad. I bet it was an emotional episode for the ladies to look back and watch.

Back over at Lisa’s house, Lisa and Ken are out of the door getting ready to attend the event Carlton was speaking about. Ken is not looking forward to going but Lisa says it’s ridiculous for them not to go because it is for the community. Lisa then tells Ken if something is to occur, that the two will just leave as they did in Puerto Rico. Lisa then reveals that she could care less if she ever sees these ladies again apart from Joyce and Carlton. If Lisa really feels this way, then I suppose she will not be returning to RHOBH next season.
Next week’s episode is filled with drama and we finally will get to see Brandi and Lisa talk out all there problems. Thought’s on tonight’s episode? Let’s Discuss!

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