Mob Wives Reunion Recap: The Ladies Confront Renee Graziano!



It’s reunion time! We start tonight’s episode off with Sherri Shepherd (the host) asking Alicia what was the result of her sentencing that was left unclear on last week’s season finale. Alicia explains her sentencing was postponed, and they’re moving on to Natalie. The ladies all revisit Natalie’s introduction to the group, and Renee calling her, her “mini-me.” Sherri then reminds Renee over her love of Natalie, and Renee says it was because Natalie had a big mouth. Now it’s on to the infamous word of the season, no not “bitch,” — delicious! Sherri doesn’t get why Renee got so upset, and Renee still thinks it was rude of Natalie. I don’t know why Renee cares so much considering that guy Michael was never her boyfriend, and now hates her.

Also, if Renee is still mad at that word till this day, why is she trying to make money off it with her fugly delicious t-shirts. Natalie still doesn’t think she did anything wrong, and neither do I. Even Sherri doesn’t think it’s a big deal. Sherri then brings up the Vegas drama. Renee FINALLY admits that she’s relapsed, something she’s been denying for awhile now. Natalie points out that Renee’s relapse is a crock, considering she’s been drinking the whole season, and even up until Vegas. Of course, this sets Renee off and she accuses Natalie of getting high with her. That’s funny, cause a mystery “leaked” article was out a couple weeks ago, claiming ALL the ladies, except Drita, were getting “high” in Vegas. I think Renee just ratted herself out right now.

Renee is still going off on Natalie, and Natalie says she has text messages of Renee wanting to cuddle, which is also HILARIOUS, considering it’s a well-known rumor among all the ladies, that Renee LOVES the ladies. Sherri asks about the fight, and Renee says she’s embarrassed about her behavior, yet claims SHE was the one who was antagonized. WHAT?! She was looking for a fight with Natalie, and then got pissed when Natalie gave it to her. Renee says fighting is not her, and Natalie says she was surprised Renee put her hands on her.

Renee then starts crying and saying she doesn’t enjoy the show anymore. I don’t think she enjoys it, because she is now on the receiving end of the drama. Understandable. But I really think Renee thought all the ladies were just always going to take her side and not point out her faults, and she hates it. Renee says she wishes the ladies would have talked to her privately about their issues, but Drita calls her out, cause it’s not their fault, and they shouldn’t have had to deal with Renee putting them through that. I agree. I’d be pissed if a grown woman was putting me in her hell, all because she wants to be a reality star, instead of going to rehab.

It’s now time for Drita’s relationship with Lee and the names he calls her. Drita explains that’s just their relationship, but the audience only gets to see the names he calls her, and not the names she call him. Drita is happy and in love, and still working on her rap career. The subject then turns to my Big Ang her grand babies. Ang tells Sherri that instead of building a baby, Neil is building her a house. In the house, her two future grandkids will have their own nursery. I can’t wait to see Ang be a grandma. There needs to be a whole show about it.

Now it’s time for the Twitter feuds among the ladies. Sherri is shocked that some of these ladies need to tweet certain things instead of saying it to each other’s face. Renee says the tweet she wrote about Alicia was said to her face, so it’s okay. Alicia tells Renee she doesn’t get why she would even do that in the first place, when she could’ve just talked to her. Renee uses that opportunity to shift blame to Natalie.

Natalie called Renee a coke whore, and Natalie says Renee was putting out tweets to Alicia, but Renee is using this opportunity to be a victim. She then is using her son and his feelings, which is a good point, but it is crazy for Renee wanting Natalie to take responsibility for hurting AJ, yet Renee still continues to do it, by STILL relapsing. Go get help. I think it’s funny for Renee saying “oh my son, my son,” yet Alicia’s sons have social media, and even before the season aired, Renee was tweeting horrible things about their dad and mom. Hypocrite much?

Now it’s time to talk about Junior and Renee’s fear of him. Like I’ve said before, Renee’s still talks to him and is trying to make it seem like she doesn’t. NEXT. Sherri asks Alicia how she feels about getting sentenced. It’s sad. Alicia doesn’t want to get taken away from her boys. Ang thinks Alicia’s husband Eddie should have to do all the time, but Alicia admits, she committed a crime.

Now it’s time for the whole “RATnee” situation. Alicia explains how there was a lot of hearsay going on talking to both of them. Alicia says she never called Renee a rat because she doesn’t talk like that. Renee admitted she gossiped, but she’s trying to make it into something else that Alicia did not accuse her of. Drita goes off on Renee for thinking it’s okay to go on national TV with Eddie’s ex girlfriend from over 20 years ago. Drita says that’s how all the exes are. Carla has a husband and a baby, and she’s worried about being on national TV talking about her ex boyfriend. She needs help.

Drita tells Alicia she knows how she feels, because Renee did the same thing with Karen Gravano, way back when. I love how the camera goes back to Ang, and she’s nodding her head. LOL I love Ang. Drita tells Renee that’s she’s lucky she didn’t kill her. Well, she didn’t say exactly that, but she did say she would have hurt her. LOL

The reunion ends with the ladies talking about the men in their life. Alicia has her brother, Ang has Neil, Renee has her son, and Drita and Natalie have their men. London is apparently moving to Philly, and they might get a spot in New York.

That’s it! It was a doozy, but the good news is, Mob Wives is returning for a FIFTH season, and all the ladies are coming back!

What did you think of the reunion? Let’s Discuss!

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