Dance Moms Recap: Abby Lee Miller Threatens The Moms For Staying Friends With Kelly Hyland!


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We finally did it. Our first Dance Moms recap! Let’s get to it. Tonight’s episode we begin with Abby at a recording studio in LA with Melissa and Mackenzie, to record Mackenzie’s song. Abby is just trying to make money off this poor kid, and make Brooke jealous at the same time. They are all back in Pittsburgh, except Maddie, because she is working in LA. Abby announces to the girls, that since Maddie is gone, she needs one of them to step up and be the next Maddie. Abby is doing the pyramid and of course Mackenzie holding a box, is a lot better, than Chloe winning in a dance duo with Maddie. Of course Abby argues that Mackenzie was AMAZING holding a candy box, so therefore, Chloe is behind her on the pyramid.

Abby is announcing solos, and she also announces which girl is going to make the best Maddie. Really Abby? How are you getting paid all this money to play all these abusive games with these girls. Abby then makes the girls have a dance-off in order to get the lead in the group, and the catch is, all the mom’s can’t vote for their own daughters. It ends up being between Kendall and Chloe, and Kendall gets it. Jill is ready to buy everyone a Louis Vuitton! Really, she’s that excited.

Chloe is working on her solo, and the mom’s are discussing how Abby always puts Chloe up against the new girls and not Maddie, because Abby would NEVER set her precious Maddie up like that. Abby also tells Chloe, “Imagine, if you danced like Maddie.” LOL Oh Abby. You just can’t hide your hate for Chloe anymore. Kelly calls Christi while she’s upstairs with all the mom, and of course she is put on speakerphone. Kelly wants to meet for lunch, and new mom Kira invites herself, which all the mom’s think is weird, considering Kira’s daughter Kalani, took Kelly’s girls’ place on the team. Kira says she only wants to go to make sure Kelly isn’t coming back, and Kalani’s spot is secure. OUCH.

Christi is having lunch with Kelly, and she tells her how happy she is not having to go back to Dance Hell. The other ladies start to arrive, and even the new mom. Everyone is excited to see Kelly, and Melissa looks nervous. I don’t get how all the ladies can praise Kelly for leaving, and they still choose to stay? Jill decides to be nosey and ask Kelly about her charges. Kelly tells the ladies how upset she is that none of the ladies called to check on her, or her girls. Jill and the moms just assumed everything was fine and Kelly didn’t want to talk. It’s clear some of these moms are not Kelly’s true friends. As long as their daughters are still on the team, and the show — they don’t care.

Queen Maddie is back, and all is right in Abby’s world. Kendall is supposed to be the lead in the group dance, and everyone notices how Kalani is the main attraction, along with Maddie and the red apple. Abby tells Chloe and Kalani that they’re going up against each other, and she wants to know which one of them can lead the team, when Queen Maddie isn’t around. Kalani is dancing, and Abby can’t help but gush over her. Kira wants Kalani to go up against Maddie, and Christi says that will never happen because Abby’s ego will be too bruised if Kalani beats Maddie, since according to her, Maddie is untouchable.

The girls are practicing the group dance, and Kendall is not the lead. Mackenzie is practicing her solo, and it’s a lot more sassy than her normal cutesy dances. Melissa says she’s happy Mackenzie is doing older dances, which is funny, because when Asia was there, Melissa despised the sass! Holly asks Kira if she’s whether or not she’s staying, and Kira says she doesn’t know because Abby hasn’t given her an official yes.

Abby then goes upstairs to yell at the moms for going to lunch with Kelly, and she threatens to get rid of them and their daughters if they continue being friends with her. Abby says she doesn’t care if the moms talk with her, but she can’t stop yelling at them. It’s competition day and of course Abby is being a terror on the bus and putting the girls down on the way to their competition. Reallllly smart Abby. Abby then starts yelling at Christi for dinging someone’s car in the parking lot. They go at it, and Abby is calling Christi ignorant.

Mackenzie is going over her solo for Abby, and Abby wants her to be more like Asia when she performs, and Melissa rolls her eyes. Abby then brings up Kelly, AGAIN. Get over it Abby. It’s time for both Kalani and Chloe to perform their solos. Chloe goes first, and she’s beautiful. Kalani performs after her, and she is beautiful as well, but I personally think Chloe did better. It’s Mackenzie’s turn, and she’s looking down at the floor a lot, and then boom, her hair piece falls off, and Abby is pissed.

They go back into the dressing room, and Abby is happy to see all the girls, except Mackenzie, whose hair piece she throws at her. Jill brings up to Abby how Abby went back on her word about Kendall’s special part. Abby says that’s not true, and justifies her lie, by saying if Kendall wanted a special part, she should’ve raised her “damn” hand. It’s now time for the group dance. The girls look amazing, and their dance is equally as amazing. They are haunting and brilliant.

The time has come for awards. Mackenzie takes first in her division. Chloe comes in second for her solo, and Kalani beats her coming in first. Lastly, the group wins first place. Back in the dressing room, Kira tells Abby she wants Kalani to go head to head with Maddie. Abby is freaking out, and says that will never happen, and that’s not why she brought Kalani here. Abby will bring people to beat Chloe, but not her Queen Maddie.

Abby tries bashing Chloe some more for not taking privates sooner, and saying Chloe is probably sneaking out back with some guy. Yes. She really just said that to a 12 year old. Horrible.

Next week, the drama continues and Abby heads to court!

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