RHOA Recap: The Ladies Battle It Out At The Bailey Bowl!


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Hello Sunday! We start tonight’s episode with NeNe talking to Gregg about how she feels bullied after Kenya’s event. Really NeNe? You’re playing the bully card? NeNe says she had to hurry up and leave before her alter ego, “Nay-Nay” came out. NeNe then proceeds to talk about how Peter was acting like a “bitch.” I thought Peter was right to feel the way he did. NeNe was the one who went over there to confront him like a man, instead of letting her man do it. Cynthia is talking with her sister Mal, and she feels bad for even pushing NeNe to come to the party, since it ended so badly. Cynthia is worried since she’s in the process of planning Peter’s surprise party, and the Bailey Bowl.

Kenya is meeting Marlo for drinks and she then starts telling Marlo what happened with NeNe at the event. Marlo says that NeNe told her that she was never invited. Kenya then starts showing Marlo how NeNe acted at the charity event, walk and all. Cynthia is throwing Peter a Jamaican themed surprised birthday party, and in comes an all white band! LOL The party is starting, and Peter has arrived. You can tell he’s so happy that everyone is there to celebrate him. Kandi is the only housewife there so far, and the rest of the ladies don’t start showing up till later.

NeNe is the last to arrive and she’s walking around and greeting everyone with her nose in the air. NeNe is the type of person who needs so much attention, and wants people to always beg her to tell them what’s wrong. Kenya finally just goes up to NeNe and explains what her intentions were for the party. NeNe is laying down the rules of what Kenya needs to do the next time she honors her. NeNe then says again how she feels like she was “bullied to be at that event.” That makes no sense. Nobody said anything to NeNe at the party but, “Hi.”

Kenya then makes NeNe hug her and they join the rest of the girls. NeNe chooses to sit by Kandi and not Marlo. Marlo laughs it off, but you can tell NeNe is still pissed. Kenya and Marlo are laughing, and NeNe is not happy. NeNe says she doesn’t have time for Marlo and Kenya to be BFF’s. So immature. NeNe decides to leave because she is still annoyed. The next day Porsha has NeNe over at her house to catch up. Porsha starts telling NeNe about her character in the play. NeNe is happy for Porsha because she says Porsha needs to get a job. LOL

NeNe then gives her acting advice to Porsha, which is funny because, NeNe isn’t really truly happy for Porsha acting, because NeNe can be the only housewife who has a successful acting career. The subject then turns to Kenya and Marlo. NeNe says how her girlfriend has told her that Marlo is an opportunist. Porsha is confused considering NeNe just had Marlo in her wedding. I think NeNe is just being a baby, and is jealous. And if I do recall, it was NeNe who decided to become instant BFF’s with Marlo and use Marlo for her show because she knew Marlo would bring the drama.

Kenya is hanging with Lawrence at her house, and she’s telling him how she wants to invite the ladies on a trip to Mexico. Kenya tells Lawrence that she wants him to go, so he can be her backup. It’s now time for the first annual Bailey Bowl aka something Cynthia would have never done without the cameras rolling. NeNe has all her bridesmaids on her team, of course except Marlo. Derek J is one of the refs, and I’m sure it’s because Bravo told him to. All the teams are being announced, and I can’t even deal with Kenya twirling all over the place.

Kandi finally shows up with a float, and her army of cheerleaders AND a banner. Of course NeNe is jealous of that because she’s the only one who makes an entrance. The first race is an egg race. All the ladies are having fun, but NeNe’s team is cheating. Team Twirl really won, but NeNe throws a fit and terrifies the refs, so they let her win. Next is the sack race. Porsha’s team comes in first, and Kandi is so competitive. Marlo is still trying to have fun with NeNe even though they are on opposite teams. She even tries jumping on NeNe and it sets NeNe off.

NeNe then throws a water bottle NeNe’s way, and then tries to walk away, which isn’t going to happen because now Marlo is over being nice, and is pissed. Marlo then starts chasing after NeNe and calls her out for copying her style, and being fake, and only being friends with people who kiss her hands. Oh, and she also called out NeNe’s “Donald Trump Hair.” NeNe says she’s walking away to not give Marlo what she wants, but she already did that when she out of nowhere threw a bottle of water at her.

Marlo is still shouting things out to NeNe, and you can tell NeNe is FUMING. Marlo is making her look like a fool, and everyone is there to witness it, which you know it making NeNe even more crazy. Marlo then starts crying with Kenya and tells her not to ever invite her anywhere if NeNe’s gonna be there.

Next week, the ladies head to Mexico, where the drama continues!

What did you think of tonight’s episode? Let’s discuss!

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