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Phaedra Parks Isn’t Commenting On The RHOA Drama Or Her Husband’s Legal Issues!

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Phaedra Parks is taking to her blog to pretty much say she will not be commenting on the recent drama from this past Sunday’s episode, and she still mentions nothing of her legal issues. Check out below what Phaedra had to say

Unfortunately, I did not get to watch Sunday’s episode but have been told that it was full of drama and chaos, which is becoming the norm for us. And since I have not seen this week’s episode, I will refrain from commenting on it. There is nothing worse than talking about what you don’t know to be factually true.

On a lighter note, I am making new friends on my book tour for “Secrets of the Southern Belle” and truly enjoy connecting with you all. I have been touring Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama. One of the sweetest things about the South besides the tea is the southern hospitality which I absolutely love. I really enjoyed my time in the quaint beach town of Bay St. Louis, MS; and was delighted to have the opportunity to visit two churches while in New Orleans. During the first service at Beacon Light International, Bishop Brister spoke about not allowing your wants to become needs and recognizing self-greed. This sermon reminded me of how important it is to have balance and realize the most important things cannot be bought but instead felt by the heart. During the second service at New Home Ministries, Pastor Sam Blake preached on the subject of Walking in the Peace of God; which is definitely an aberration from our show. In this service I was reminded of the perfect peace promised to us by God. Often life distracts us and challenges our ability to stay focused on God’s provision of peace. Phillipians 4:7 tells us that the peace of God surpasses all understanding. What is distracting you and keeping you from having and holding perfect peace?

I want to encourage you to seek balance in your lives and allow peace to dwell in the front seat of your soul; no matter what is going on around you. As Carlos Santana once said, “The most valuable possession you can own is an open heart. The most powerful weapon you can be is an instrument of peace.”

I wonder if Phaedra is going to act like Apollo’s legal issues don’t exist at the reunion too. I do like however, how she doesn’t get into drama that doesn’t concern her. Thoughts on Phaedra’s blog?

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