Mob Wives Recap: Alicia DiMichele Faces The Judge For Her Sentencing!


alicia dimichele

Tonight we start this episode off at Big Ang’s house. Drita and Renee come over for dinner, and Renee shares with the ladies her plans to write a ‘sex book.’ Renee is writing about the mob lifestyle. Some of it is loosely based on her, and some of it is made up. Natalie and Alicia are meeting for dinner, and they both have a lot going on. Alicia is so drained, and you can see it in her face and hear it in her voice. Alicia feels after everything she’s had to go through, that it’s time to file for divorce. Her sentencing is coming up, and she could get up to five years. Big Ang and Drita have invited Natalie to Ang’s house. They want to talk to her about Renee.

Natalie arrives and the ladies start talking to Natalie about her tweets. Natalie is annoyed because Renee has been tweeting like this for months now, and now she’s crying about it. The ladies are trying to explain to Natalie that she should just let Renee and Alicia deal with their issues. I feel bad for Natalie. If you go search through Instagram and tweets around that time, you’ll see that Renee started this whole thing with the tweets. Renee is driving around with Ang looking at houses. Ang is so funny when she talks about her old lifestyle and how now she has to work. LOL Drita is taking her daughter Gizelle to a casting call, since she’s been asking her to model.

Gizelle isn’t happy about being there, and it’s kind of funny. Drita is getting nervous about how she’s going to perform because she’s being really shy. Gizelle finally starts performing for the camera, and she looks so cute. It’s time for Renee’s book party. It’s obvious VH1 paid for it all. Ang arrives and I’m complete. She’s loving everything about the party. The rest of the ladies arrive, including Natalie, who is there to show her support. Renee gets up on stage and starts reading some of her book. How awkward for her son who is in the audience mortified hearing his mom say some of those words. LOL

All of a sudden Natalie gets up on stage and starts performing at RENEE’S Party! LOL I can’t even. She starts singing her song “Delicious” and it’s hilarious. Renee is a good sport about it and gives Natalie a hug. All the girls dance the night away. Alicia is talking to her brother about her sentencing. She doesn’t know what’s going to happen, so she’s coming up with a plan with her brother to take care of her boys just in case she goes away. Ang is at home, and her daughter-in-law is there, and so is Neil’s daughter. She’s made everyone dinner. Both girls are pregnant. Ang is going to be the grandma of two babies close to the same time, and I’m excited for her.

Ang decides she’s not going to have another baby, since they’ll have two babies already they can care for. Natalie is having dinner with London, and she tells him that she can’t move to New York with him. Natalie feels she shouldn’t have to make sacrifices that London doesn’t appreciate. She thinks it’s time for him to make the sacrifices. Drita is at home baking with her girls. Drita’s girls are so cute, she did a really good job raising them, especially considering her circumstances.

It’s time for Alicia’s sentencing, she’s really nervous as she sends her boys off to school. This is a sad scene, but I’ve known since January how this ends, since AllAboutTRH EXCLUSIVELY broke the news to you about Alicia’s sentencing being postponed. All the ladies are worried for Alicia, and Natalie even shows up to the sentencing.

Renee is at Drita’s house and she’s there to tell her that Junior is being released, and how nervous she is about it. I’m not buying it. Renee is trying to make it seem she hasn’t talked to Junior, but she has. Natalie calls Drita and let’s her know how the sentencing ended. If you can’t wait, read our exclusive above 🙂

What did you guys think of tonight’s episode? Let’s discuss!

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