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RHONJ’s Amber Marchese’s Husband Tried Gaining Custody Of Kids, Due To His Ex-Wife Lying About Their Son Having Autism!


Newest Real Housewives of New Jersey cast member, Amber Marchese, seems to be already having her share of drama off-screen, and it isn’t coming from the other ladies. According to Radar Online, Amber’s husband James accused his ex-wife Rebecca Grande, in 2012, of trying to have one of their sons falsely diagnosed with autism during their custody battle.

James divorced Rebecca in 2004, but went to court years later in an attempt to gain full custody of their sons. In court documents, James gave reasons of why he didn’t think Rebecca was a fit enough mom to have sole custody of their boys.

“The defendant (1) was being evicted for the second time; (2) had tried to have one of their sons falsely diagnosed with autism; (3) failed to provide him with ongoing medical and educational information on the children; (4) tried to have plaintiff put in jail for violating a final restraining order; and (5) had pled guilty to a second-degree felony that would likely result in jail time.”

The judge denied both motions, and found both times that James did not present any proof of changed circumstances that would warrant a change in custody. The documents state

“Plaintiff (James) merely makes conclusory assertions that defendant (Rebecca) is unfit because of her conviction and that the conviction must have affected the children. This is not enough. Indeed, evidence in the record shows that the boys are succeeding in school, earning awards, and otherwise thriving.”

It was also noted by the judge, that contrary to James’ original claim, Rebecca’s housing was not in jeopardy.

I wonder if we will even see the kids on the show? What do you guys think about all this?

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