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RHOBH Recap: Lisa Vanderpump Gets Caught Stirring The Cauldron Between Kyle Richards And Carlton Gebbia!


Tonight’s episode begins with Carlton at a magical store (literally). Yolanda shows up and her and Carlton are purchasing candles that are supposed to work similar to tea leaves. Over at Joyce’s million-dollar cottage, she is having tea with Kyle and Kyle is telling her about her drama with Carlton and how it started. Carlton and Yolanda are discussing the same thing at the store, and Yolanda says how it was stupid for Kyle to make that remark. Kyle is showing Joyce the screen of her possessed computer, and it really is scary, yet funny. LOL Kyle then begins to tell Joyce about Brandi and her hike and Puerto Rico. It’s interesting to see how welcoming Joyce is to Brandi coming, and the whole time Brandi is showing this vibe that she hates Joyce. Kyle doesn’t want Carlton to come, and I agree she shouldn’t. Her and Kyle don’t want to be around each other, and Kyle was invited first, so, sorry Carlton, you’re out.

Kim is meeting Brandi to get a spray tan. Brandi looks much better with less makeup on and I think she should stick to that look. Brandi tells Kim that she’s afraid of Lisa, and Kim is shocked that both Brandi and Kyle are so scared of Lisa. Brandi mentions rumors of Cedric being deported after his feud with Lisa, and all I can do is picture Lisa with an ICE uniform on. LOL Yolanda is at Mohamed’s house to plan their daughter, Gigi’s going away party. Yolanda’s husband David also shows up along with Gigi and her friends, and it is really sweet to see the relationship they all have with each other. Brandi is on the way to the party, and of course something is wrong with her.

She then starts talking to her friend about Lisa, and how she knows for a fact now that Lisa set her up second season at SUR, by having Scheana Marie there because of her connection to Brandi’s ex-husband, Eddie Cibrian. Brandi claims that Lisa lied to her about not knowing that Scheana was Eddie’s mistress, and she’s pissed. I think Brandi and Lisa are each others’ karma.

I don’t even really think it was a “setup.” I think a setup would be if Lisa had Scheana there, and Scheana was attacking Brandi. Maybe Lisa was hoping Brandi would attack Scheana? I guess we’ll never know. Brandi arrives to Mohamed’s and the ladies look lovely. Kyle arrives, but she still says hello to Carlton even though Carlton doesn’t want to even look at her. When Lisa arrives she tries to give Brandi a kiss, but since Brandi is pissed at her, it’s hard for her to hide it around Lisa.

It’s time for the guests to eat dinner, and Mohamed’s house looks so amazing and the food looks delicious. Kyle and Brandi are already seated, and Carlton doesn’t want to sit by Kyle so she sits on her husband’s lap. David sits down and starts talking and everyone feels honored, including Giggy, who is amazed with his toungue out. Gigi begins to make a speech and it’s beautiful. She makes her parents cry, and it’s such a sweet moment. I don’t know how Yolanda did it. I would have lost it right there at dinner, and told everyone to leave. LOL

Brandi is still being quiet with Lisa, and she’s happy her tongue is messed up since she can’t tell Lisa off. Yolanda pulls Brandi to the side and asks her why Carlton isn’t invited to Puerto Rico. Brandi agrees that Carlton was out of line, and Yolanda can’t believe Carlton acted like that in front of Kyle’s kids. Kyle walks in the room as Yolanda and Brandi are leaving and she gives Brandi a ring to give to Carlton that goes with the necklace. I don’t think Kyle should have even bothered since Carlton has already told her the necklace is sitting in distilled water at her house.

Lisa asks Brandi what is it that Kyle is giving Carlton, and Brandi answers her as she turns away. Lisa follows Brandi to give the piece to Carlton, and HERE WE GO. Lisa first tries meddling by saying “oh that’s weird the necklace was blue,” when Brandi gives Carlton the piece. Brandi already knows what Lisa is doing, and she tells Lisa that it matches. Carlton is acting like this timid, scared, girl who can’t even speak. Brandi tells Carlton if she doesn’t want to keep it then to just give it to her and she’ll wear it. But LISA keeps insisting that Carlton needs to go up to Kyle and give it back to her and say she doesn’t want it. Funny that Ms. “You Need to Defend Me,” is putting the person she wants backup from, in a messed up situation with Carlton.

Brandi is annoyed that Lisa is putting herself in a situation that has nothing to do with her. Lisa keeps bugging Carlton and asking her if it goes with the necklace. WHY THE HELL DOES THAT EVEN MATTER?! What person with a life even cares about a necklace they didn’t receive themselves, and what color, and what goes with it, and if it’s blue, if it’s gold, like really Lisa? Brandi tells Kyle that Carlton didn’t accept the necklace and Lisa kept bringing up the fact that the gold didn’t go with the necklace, and Kyle confronts her. Lisa is acting so shocked, and then flips it on Brandi that she didn’t say that, and how dare Brandi even bring that up, even though Lisa turned the matter into a whole interrogation session with Carlton.

Lisa tries to act like she doesn’t even care about it, and it’s so childish, but I think Lisa really showed her ass tonight, and how she is just as childish as she accuses the other ladies of being. Lisa tries telling Brandi that’s not what she said, and Brandi tells her no, that, that’s exactly what she said. Lisa says that the crown was a peace offering, and I don’t know why Lisa cares so much. I could give a rats about a piece of jewelry that wasn’t given to me. I don’t think anyone would care so much about the meaning of a necklace that wasn’t given to them, so yes Lisa, I see what you’re trying to do.

It’s finally time for Gigi’s cake! Thank gosh! LOL Kyle is talking with Lisa and she’s still being nice afte what just happened. It’s funny because if this would have happened to Lisa, she would NOT be being nice to Kyle or arranging a shopping trip with her. Kyle reveals to Lisa that Joyce’s dad died, and that was the reason she’s been MIA. Yolanda is making me feel like a fat ass over her ability to only eat a crumb of cake. I don’t know how her and Gigi have that much discipline. Kyle and Lisa are having their shopping date, at Kyle’s store of course. WELL PLAYED Kyle! LOL

Lisa tells Kyle that she doesn’t want to go to Puerto Rico with all this BS, and you can already tell Kyle feels nervous to talk to her. Kyle brings up how people have asked her how Lisa and her were just able to have a party when they aren’t best friends anymore, and Lisa’s fishing to find out who said that so she can put them in the same prison Kyle’s in. Kyle brings up the accusations Lisa has made about Mauricio and is trying to tell Kyle how supportive she’s been. Lisa is rolling her eyes and doesn’t wanna talk about it. Lisa feels like if she’s moved forward, then everyone needs to. It’s all about Lisa.

I don’t know how Lisa can say she’s over it, when BOOM, first or second episode, she’s slandering Mauricio again, but since Kyle doesn’t know about that yet (cause it was during filming) she’s playing innocent. If this scene doesn’t show you what kind of person Lisa is, then I don’t know what to tell you. The SAME thing she’s crying about right now regarding Brandi, is the exact thing she’s done to Mauricio about his career. Kyle is trying to get Lisa to apologize and Lisa says she doesn’t have to justify anything, and Kyle will never find a more loyal friend than Lisa WAS to her.

Next week, the drama continues in Puerto Rico.

What did you guys think of tonight’s episode? Let’s discuss!

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