Mob Wives Recap: Natalie Guercio Calls Renee Graziano Out On Twitter For Sleeping With Married Men!


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We pick up right where we left off last week — dinner at Drita’s house. Renee finally arrives, and she seems nervous, but she’s in a happy mood. Renee sits down and all the ladies are quiet. This dinner is literally awkward. Alicia then starts talking to Renee and she wants to resolve their issues. I think Alicia wasn’t ready to move on, but I think fighting with Renee was the last thing she needed considering what she’s going through. Alicia basically tells Renee that she doesn’t want Renee talking about her transcript. The rest of this back and forth is hard to recap, only because there is SO much more that has happened now, and I’ll be sure to fill you guys in soon, so this will all make more sense. The ladies then decide to just come to each other from now on when they have a problem.

The dinner ends on a good note and nobody got choked this time. LOL Drita is at her new store, (her second store) and everything is a mess. Drita is freaking out because she is paying a lot of money on a project that is taking forever to get complete. Everything is going wrong, and Drita looks like she is going to kill somebody. Those workers should be scared. Natalie is apartment hunting with her boyfriend London, and Natalie is not only upset about the small space London is trying to move her into, but she is also pissed that he doesn’t want any of the things she wants, AKA babies and marriage. Natalie has a son, but London just seems like he still wants to party and not have any responsibilities. I guess we’ll see if these two last.

Alicia is at home chatting with her friend Tina about all the things going wrong. Her bank accounts have been closed due to her family ties. All nine of them. Alicia’s hanging on by a thread and it is really sad to watch. She tells her friend that she hasn’t even told her kids that she might be going away. It’s time for Drita’s opening, and everything looks amazing. Ang arrives and I’m complete. The ladies all get their makeup done, and Renee asks Alicia about her sentencing and if she wants her to be there. Whaaaat? LOL I don’t think they’re ready for that yet, but it was a nice gesture on Renee’s part. The best part of that conversation was Ang telling Alicia that they’ll have a party when she gets out. LOL

I think the ladies talking to Alicia makes them realize all this stuff they fight about is petty. Natalie finally arrives with her boyfriend London and there is major tension between them. Alicia starts talking to London and explains to him that he needs to follow through with all the promises he made to Natalie. Alicia calls Renee and Renee is pissed. Apparently, Natalie tweeted Renee something about her sleeping with married men. To be fair, I’ve seen Renee subliminally tweet the ladies, the only difference is Natalie had the guts to put her name in the tweet. Renee is flipping out, but I don’t think it’s a big deal.

Ang is with her husband Neil, and they are in the beginning stages of “Build A Baby.” Ang is so hilarious with all the lotion and lube questions, I can’t even deal. I love how she was even picking out which porn her husband can watch. Alicia is at home with her boys and they are writing their dad letters. Alicia gets off the phone with Eddie and her boys then ask her what their dad did. Alicia then begins to tell them how their dad made a mistake, and there’s a possibility she could be going away too. As a mom, this scene was very hard for me to watch. Seeing her boys’ faces just made my heart melt. I don’t know how Alicia was able to get through the first sentence without breaking down in tears. I truly hope for the best outcome, for the sake of her children.

Renee is hosting a pajama party, and all the ladies are there except Natalie. Everyone is getting along and is happy, but Renee decides to ruin it and bring up Natalie’s tweets. She then tells Alicia that she needs to control her friend. Alicia tells Renee that she’s not Natalie’s mom, and there’s nothing she can do. Renee says people are looking at her sideways because of what Natalie tweeted. I doubt that’s the reason they’re looking at her crazy. LOL Drita is annoyed that Renee is blowing this up, and Renee says that she’s had enough.

Next week, the Natalie vs Renee drama continues, and Alicia gets sentenced.

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