RHOBH Recap: Brandi Glanville Believes Lisa Vanderpump Is Worse Than Bobby Fischer!



Tonight’s episode we catch up with Yolanda who is at Mohammed’s house discussing throwing a graduation/going away party for their daughter Gigi. Yolanda has such a good relationship with her ex and his new girlfriend, it’s so nice to see. Yolanda also brings up Lisa having a party the same night as her step daughter’s wedding. I guess it wouldn’t be a big deal, except according to Yolanda, Lisa knew the wedding was planned and scheduled to be held at Mohammed’s house, and Lisa even tried inviting Mohammed knowing he wouldn’t be able to go. I wonder why Lisa would even try and do that? Sounds fishy. Kyle and Mauricio are shooting hoops and going over rules with their daughter for a out of town trip she’s going on with her friends. Their daughters are so beautiful. Carlton is visiting her husband at work, and I am so happy she has fixed her hair. MUCH better. I’m glad she got rid of those awful bangs. Carlton’s husband’s company is getting ready for a party they’re hosting, and back at Kyle’s house, she reveals to Mauricio how Carlton has uninvited her to the party, but Mauricio is still invited.

Carlton is ridiculous for doing that. If she didn’t want Kyle there, fine. But to invite her husband still as if he would leave his wife and go, is just stupid. Over at Joyce’s she is working out with her current “Queen of the Universe” winner, Ivette. You can tell that Joyce doesn’t have to work for her tiny body by the way she’s working out. She’s exhausted after two minutes! LOL Yolanda is at home studying with her husband David for her citizenship test. They’re so cute, and Yolanda is so lucky to have such a supportive husband. It’s time for Carlton’s family’s party and Lisa and Ken arrive first. Carlton apologizes to Lisa for what went down at the party, and it’s funny to see Lisa trying to explain that Carlton might be wrong about Kyle, considering now she blames Kyle for that night. What is also interesting is Carlton bringing up how Lisa’s opinion hurt considering her opinion of Kyle in the PAST. Hmmm….Someone just revealed past episodes shaped her opinions.

Carlton starts crying, and I don’t think it’s because of Kyle’s comments, I think it’s because she’s freaking out that no one is going to side with her, since Lisa is siding with Kyle right now. Carlton is freaking out in her talking head because Kyle’s comment could destroy her family’s business. Carlton is shadowing Lisa throughout the party, and she really just seems in love with her. Lisa and Ken are leaving and they see Kim showing up. Kim is by herself and she’s joking with them why she didn’t come to Ken’s birthday. It’s hilarious. She’s doing the Lisa excuse with the accent as well. She sounds like a drunk pirate and it’s too funny. I think it’s nice that Kim went despite Carlton and Kyle’s issues. Brandi is there, and has another medical problem.

Brandi is sitting with Kim and they’re talking about the party with Scheana. Brandi tells Kim how Lisa wanted her talk about marriage with Scheana, and Kim is confused why Scheana was even there. Kim tells Brandi that there’s tension with Lisa and she has love/hate moments with her. Brandi actually looks terrified to talk to Kim about Lisa. I think they all know nothing good can come out of it. Yolanda is taking her citizenship test, and although she is nervous, she passes. Go Yolanda! Lisa is getting ready for a photo shoot for a magazine, and she has Stassi there to help the stylist. Kyle and Brandi are meeting up to go for a walk, and Brandi’s tongue is still swollen. I think Carlton’s spell missed Kyle, and hit Brandi instead. Kyle is telling Brandi about Joyce’s pageant in Puerto Rico, and Brandi tells Kyle that she can’t bring J.R. since they’re in another fight.

It’s so strange that Brandi is more worried about J.R. than forcing herself on a trip that JOYCE planned. AWKWARD. Brandi then starts talking about Lisa and asks Kyle how she moved forward with Lisa after Lisa accusing Mauricio of using people for listings. Kyle explains her and Lisa are not close, but she knows something was up because Lisa started calling her again in the morning, vs calling Brandi. Brandi makes it hard to see if how she feels about Lisa is true, only because of the timing. Last week she wasn’t liking Kyle and Lisa getting along, now this conversation with Kyle. Don’t get me wrong. I think Lisa is one of the sneakiest, but I do think the same goes for Brandi.

Kyle is actually shocked about Brandi agreeing with everything that Kyle has been saying since season 2. It’s weird to hear Brandi say all these awful things about Lisa, only because she tweets how much she loves her after saying it all. It’s an abusive relationship. Brandi’s like the boyfriend who puts down his girlfriend, and calls her every name in the book, but then says, “I’m sorry. I love you.” Brandi is scared that going up against Lisa means she is going to be ruined.

Next week, we see more of Brandi distancing herself from Lisa.

Thoughts on tonight’s episode? What do you think of the claims against Lisa? Do you think Kyle has been right about her all this time? Let’s discuss!

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