RHOA Recap: Kandi Is Not To Be Messed With And NeNe Continues To Blame Brawl On Kenya Moore!


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Tonight’s episode continues from the epic brawl that occurred between the Real Housewives of Atlanta hubbies. The brawl has finished and everyone is getting back in control and Kenya blames NeNe for everything that happened. Apollo tries to go at Brandon once again and everyone holds him back. NeNe gets everyone together and reminds them that they are all adults and they should not be fighting. Porsha then leaves because she is “disgusted.”

Christopher then apologizes to NeNe for everything that went down and explains he just wanted to put Kenya in her place after the accusations she made towards him about calling his wife a “common law” wife. That’s when Kandi gets involved and calls out Christopher’s wife for talking about Todd with Cynthia and Peter.

Natalie explains she never called Todd an opportunist and says that all she said was that he was an hustler. Cynthia doesn’t like where this is going but this is all Cynthia’s fault for bringing this conversation to the ladies attention anyways. Cynthia and Kandi then go at it and Peter has missed it so he gets involved trying to stir up drama. Peter looks like he is going to fight Kandi and Todd and Cynthia’s sister Malerie even pushes Todd and Kandi getting involved. Everything is going too far and this night should have ended after the whole Apollo/Brandon fight. Kandi ends up in the bathroom in tears. I’m sure she is just exhausted at this point of all the negative energy towards her and her relationship with Todd.

Kandi grabs Todd and Peter explains that he is talking to Todd. Kandi isn’t having any of it. She just wants to go home. Peter and Todd straight things out and I still don’t even know why they had an issue to begin with.

The next day, Kandi has cooled down and admits that she acted ratchet and crazy the day before. NeNe heads over to Cynthia and Peters home. NeNe says after her party she feels real low and is devastated at what went down. NeNe thinks Kenya has started the entire thing and was trying to act all big and bad by getting up like she was going to do something at to Natalie. Over at Kenya’s house, Brandon explains how bruised and hurt he is after the brawl occurred. Kenya doesn’t understand why Apollo went at Brandon continuing to bring up how he was in prison and was probably having a prison flashback. At Cynthia’s home, Cynthia is furious with how Kandi was acting but Kandi does admit to her friend and Todd that she went so far that she’s even worse then her mother. Brandon has filed a police report but he does not want to press charges because he’s thinking about Phaedra and Apollo’s children. LOL at Brandon acting like the reason he isn’t pressing charges is because Apollo is a dad when in reality, Brandon has to sign a contract that no matter what, he cannot press charges against any of the cast members! But good try, Brandon…

Apollo and Phaedra discuss all the nonsense that happened and Apollo realizes everything got out of hand and actually apologizes to Phaedra.

Kandi invites all the ladies to get together after a few days for a spa session. Kenya is disgusted with “Shadra” because she has yet to call and apologize to Kenya or Brandon for how Apollo acted. NeNe is also upset that none of the ladies reached out to her to apologize except Brandon who she refers to as a “she” wondering how the hell “she” got her number because it’s very hard to get!

Kandi gets the ladies together to have some tea and apologizes for how she overreacted. Cynthia seems very upset with Kandi. That’s when NeNe gets involved saying she didn’t act as bad as Kenya which shocks Kenya. Cynthia realizes things are going to get heated between Kenya and NeNe so she stops it because she still has things to say to Kandi. Cynthia points out how ratchet Kandi was acting and Kandi says she would have never acted that way if Cynthia’s sister Malerie didn’t push her. Cynthia denies Malerie pushed Kandi saying that Malerie was just trying to fix things while NeNe confirms in her interview that Malerie did push Kandi and she has no idea why she would do that.

Kenya is annoyed that Phaedra hasn’t addressed anything and when Phaedra started talking, Kenya isn’t liking what Phaedra had to say. Phaedra points out how Brandon has had an issue not only with Apollo but with Kordell as well. This is when Kenya stops Phaedra and says no one deserves to get beat like they are in prison. I don’t understand why Kenya continues to feel the need to bring up how Apollo was in prison. It’s getting super old. NeNe then blames Kenya for jumping out of her seat and Kenya keeps bringing up how she was “touched” by Christopher. NeNe doesn’t understand why Brandon AKA the queen would get up knowing his ass was going to get beat anyways and says he should have not even been present which I agree. Because he is a friend, he should not be getting involved in any of the drama, ever. The ladies are getting super loud and no one is defending Kenya and Kenya is downplaying what she did when she charged at Natalie describing it as walking across the hotel room. NeNe won’t stop blaming everything that happened on Kenya and speaks for everyone else too. I think NeNe is pushing everything on Kenya so no one addresses the fact that NeNe was stirring up a lot of the crap too. Basically nothing gets resolved and the tension continues to build up.. Until next week……

Thoughts on tonight’s episode. Do you agree with NeNe blaming everything on Kenya?

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