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Ramona Singer’s Husband Mario Singer Buys His Mistress An Apartment!

ramona and mario singer

Yesterday, we reported rumors of an alleged breakup between Ramona Singer’s husband, Mario Singer, and his mistress, Kasey Dexter. Well, according to Life & Style, the couple is not only still together, but Mario has also forked out the money to get his new young girlfriend an apartment! Check it OUT

A source says,

“He’d (Mario) take her to all of Ramona’s favourite places in the Hamptons. And he even got Kasey her own apartment! Casey is basically a young version of Ramona. I’ve told him that, you’ve just went for crazier and younger.”

kasey rhony

According to a friend, “Mario and Kasey met at a cocktail party in the Hamptons in July,” and they soon started sexting, he then they starting going out.

“He’d rent hotel rooms with Kasey and take her out to dinner,” behind Ramona’s back of course.

The friend claims that the affair will only last depending on, “How long he’s gonna pay for her until the next big ticket comes around!”

Poor Ramona. I hope she finds a better man than Mario. She deserves it. Thoughts on this recent report?

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