Mob Wives Recap: Alicia DiMichele’s Husband Gets Sentenced; And Renee Graziano Avoids The Ladies!



We start tonight’s episode off with Alicia calling Natalie to talk to her about her husband Eddie’s sentencing. Alicia is extremely nervous, and I can’t imagine what she’s going through. Natalie is trying to encourage her to stay positive, and keep calm. Natalie is meeting with Renee to discuss their issues. Last time I checked, them made up in Vegas, but according to Renee, they haven’t. Natalie seems annoyed and like she really doesn’t care. Renee is trying to be nice to Natalie, but since Natalie isn’t kissing her butt, she’s getting annoyed. Natalie explains to Renee that her apology was sincere, but Renee doesn’t believe it. The best thing that came out of the sit-down, is Renee saying “I-Deer” instead of “Idea.” LOL Natalie thinks Renee is being dramatic about her reasons for not coming to the party, and I think she was being extra too. BUT I also think that Renee is so used to having crazy cast members, (who are now gone) who like to set people up, and jump each other, so she still thinks it’s the same old, same old.

Renee is getting annoyed because Natalie is asking too much of her to be a true friend. Renee thinks Natalie makes the other girls talk bad about her, but that’s not true. Natalie is staying calm, but Renee is ready to turn into the HULK. Natalie brings up Alicia, and she shouldn’t have. She should have just focused on her and Renee and leave Alicia’s drama out of it. Renee gets up and leaves, which is annoying. I don’t know why Renee can’t just sit down and discuss things like an adult. FINALLY! Queen Ang is on our screens! LOL I could listen to Ang talk all day. Ang is on the phone with Alicia and Alicia tells her that the judge accepted Eddie’s plea deal, and he’s going to be out soon. Ang is so happy for her, and is giving her advice on how things are going to go down once he gets home.

Over at Drita’s she is on the phone with Lee, and she is telling him how hard it is to write rap songs. Drita has writers block from being happy and in love, which she blames Lee for. Drita then starts telling Lee how she’s putting together a lunch for the ladies at a classy restaurant so they can talk out their problems and not fight. Renee is getting ready to meet with a lawyer about Junior, and I’m just going to skip over this considering it’s a fake scene, and she still talks to him. NEXT! Ang and Renee are hanging out and getting mani/pedis together. Ang’s daughter is engaged, and Ang is stressed. Both her kids have big events going on. Renee let’s Ang know that she apologized to Natalie, and Natalie brought up Alicia. Ang agrees that Natalie shouldn’t have brought up Alicia.

Renee talks about these “Philly Bitches” like she’s some Mob Boss. Can someone tell Renee she is not a gangster? Cause it’s really getting old. It’s time for the ladies to have their classy lunch. They all look gorgeous. Drita arrives last, and Ang let’s them all know that Renee texted her that she’s not coming. All the ladies are annoyed, especially Drita and Ang, because they are caught in the middle. I think ALL the ladies should be required to attend these “meetings,” because I don’t wanna watch another episode of Where’s Waldo.

Renee is at lunch with her friend and she comes clean about not wanting to go and be around Natalie and Alicia and wanting to be left along. Renee says that Drita is trying to do what she (Renee) has always done, which is try and bring everyone together, but Renee was always a pot stirrer in past seasons, so I don’t know what she’s talking about. Renee feels like everyone is friends because of her, and now she’s the outsider. I wish Renee would realize she doesn’t have to be the outsider. She could be friends or acquaintances with everyone too. I think this cast could ALL be in the same room as each other and have a good time.

Back at Ang’s house, her son AJ comes over to give her the details on how he proposed to his girlfriend, Gabby. His girlfriend is expecting a baby, so now Ang has a birth and two weddings to look forward too. AJ shows Ang the ring, and Ang is so funny, about her son saying the ring is a symbol. LOL Drita is meeting with Renee for dinner. Drita is actually being calm with her about her not showing up. Renee says she doesn’t hate Natalie and Alicia, and she doesn’t care about them, but then why is she so scared to be in the same room as them? Does she really think they are going to keep bugging her and chasing her around telling her stuff? Drita finally convinces Renee to come over her house to meet with all the girls.

Natalie is modeling and Alicia has brought her dresses from her store for Natalie to wear at her shoot. Natalie and Alicia are talking about how Renee doesn’t ever show up, and Alicia tells Natalie not to feed into Renee’s BS. The subject then turns to Alicia’s sentencing, and you can tell she wants to just breakdown, and I don’t blame her. I couldn’t imagine having to anticipate every day, whether or not, I am going to be taken away from my kids. Alicia is keeping strong for her boys, but you can see how helpless she feels. The ladies are meeting up at Drita’s house for dinner, and all the ladies are arriving and ready to eat all the food Drita has prepared for them. Drita is such a Mom and it’s so cute to see that she bakes. LOL Ang arrives with Alicia and she just lights up with the room. Renee is the last to arrive, and you can tell that despite her tough girl attitude, that she’s nervous. Renee arrives, and the episode ends.

Next week, we see what goes down at dinner!

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