Joyce Giraud Thinks Carlton Gebbia Is A Miserable Hypocrite!


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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Joyce Giraud is not holding back when talking about Carlton Gebbia. In fact, Joyce thinks Carlton is a miserable hypocrite. Joyce took to her blog to discuss Monday’s past episode and continues to be astonished by Carlton’s treatment of religion and by what Carlton says behind the ladies’ back! See what Joyce had to say below

“In this weeks episode, I wish you could have seen a little more of my hour-long luncheon with Carlton. Let me fill you in on a VERY IMPORTANT part of our conversation: The first thing I told Carlton and made very clear is that I personally DO NOT believe her negative energy can get to me because my God protects me from all of it. As you saw, I told her I respect every religion. I believe we can all respect each other’s beliefs and we don’t need to force our faith on anyone. I’m not asking Carlton to leave her witchcraft and to believe in Jesus Christ — so she should give me the same respect and not expect me to believe in her negative spells.

However, I felt I needed to address the spell with Carlton because my husband was very worried about our children being around a person with such a negative energy. He was concerned to the point that he did not even want Carlton near our house unless she made it crystal clear that she would never threaten to harm the family. Of course I am aware how much evil, negative energy, and envy exists — sadly everywhere. I just typically chose not to let this into my life.

I do have to see Carlton, so in order to calm down my husband I decided to ask her directly. Frankly all I wanted to hear from her was that I did not have to worry about her putting spells and harming the people I love. I wanted to hear that her dark magic talk was just that — talk — and that she would never go there. I guess her going on the attack here still leaves up for interpretation what her real intentions were.

And yes, English is my second language. I would love for these women to try to speak any other language and perhaps they would understand that there are certain words you simply don’t know. I do love learning so I can proudly say that this season of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills has taught me two words: chastise and flippant. I’m sure there will be more words I won’t know so I apologize.

After Carlton explained what flippant means; I told her I’m not “flippant.” Bubbly yes, but I am not flippant when it comes to another person’s beliefs or religion. To the contrary: I have not brought up Carlton’s religion, nor would I put it down. The only person talking about her religion is Carlton herself. If she wouldn’t have brought it up constantly, I wouldn’t know and probably wouldn’t care which faith she is of. But it is her who mentions it whenever possible, then uses the term “spell,” but will get offended if anyone dares to react to it. Bizarre behavior to say it mildly.

With me what you see is what you get. Yes, call me naive but I LOVE life, I am happy and for that I make no apologies. I do like to see the best in people and when someone is nice to my face I tend to believe them.

Carlton on the other hand is a miserable hypocrite, acting nice to your face and then turning around in her confessional to talk crap.
One of countless examples is how she told Kyle how special the necklace was and how they could move forward; Then she puts the necklace in distilled water to “cleanse” it. Have some backbone and tell Kyle you don’t accept her gift. She is so desperately trying to be relevant that she is now discussing her “paranoia” and “dreams”!

I couldn’t attend Ken’s and Mauricio’s dinner party because we had a previous engagement of the birthday of a dear friend. And by what I have seen now I am happy I didn’t cancel on our good friend because that seemed like another dinner from hell.

I was so proud of how Kyle handled herself at the dinner party. It was sad to see how the most beautiful dinner setting and Lisa’s and Kyle’s efforts to celebrate their husbands was shadowed by Carlton’s negativity. Everyone seemed to be having a great time. Yet, it appears like Carlton was just throwing ugly looks across the table and waiting to attack. Even when Kyle told her it was her husband’s birthday she simply said she didn’t care. That says it all.”

Couldn’t agree more with what Joyce had to say about Carlton. Carlton does come off very miserable and the sad thing is she justifies all of her actions and genuinely thinks she is right about everything. Thoughts on what Joyce had to say? Do you think Carlton is a hypocrite?

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