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Drita Davanzo Says She Hasn’t Defended Renee Graziano Because Renee Is WRONG!

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Mob Wives star, Drita Davanzo, is taking to her blog this week to clear up any confusion as to why she hasn’t sided with co-star Renee Graziano on all the drama that’s gone down, plus says she wants everyone to get along, so they can all have fun! Check it OUT

Last night’s episode was one of my favorite episodes because I was able to relive the moment I had in the studio with Method Man! No one has any idea how exciting and incredible that experience was. “Money Bags” will drop within two weeks and it came out insane!! I love it!

Let’s talk about Renee for a second. I do read tweets and again people think that me and Ang are NOT STICKING UP FOR RENEE ENOUGH. And asking me why if I am friend with her for so long not side with her on any level. I would like to clear up some misunderstandings. First of all people are under the assumption that Renee and I were friends for years! I need to make this clear. I used to be friends with her younger sister for a long time. That’s how I met Renee years ago. She was my friend’s older sister. We were never friends in the past. I’ve said this and I’m going to say this again. I’m not sure if you have watched Mob Wives for the last three seasons, but Renee took sides when it came to me Karen and Ramona and it WAS NOT MY SIDE. She actually never even tried to play middle man to make it better, but at times made it worse and instigated the fights. I don’t hold that against her BUT let’s call a spade a spade. Renee and I are co-workers and are in a good place. I definitely side with what’s right and what I think is wrong. Lately Renee has been WRONG. So I am trying to see both sides to the stories and make sense out of it. I’m not taking sides. I’m actually cool with both parties and want them to be cool with each other. If Natalie was wrong I WOULD HAVE NO PROBLEM SAYING IT. Trust me. I would like to be able to stick up for Renee since I know her longer BUT she is making that difficult to do.

I’m just hoping they can make ends meet. Ang and I are in the middle but again at least we have each other and I have my favorite in the middle with me, lol! I’m glad Renee didn’t go to the party because she would have been miserable so it would not have been worth it. I do think it’s best she sits with Natalie and figures out something. Since we all work and hang out together it would be best if we can all get along and maybe have some FUN!!!!

At the Halloween party, I was Gizelle’s Bratz doll, Yasmin. Gizelle picked this out for me—because she thinks it looks just like me! Natalie was “purgatory,” but I don’t think purgatory wore a g-string? So that was just crazy. But she got the body and nerve to rock it on TV, so go for it! Alicia was Wonderwoman. She really pulled that outfit off!! I loved it! Ang and Neil win for being so creative and just awesome! My favorite couple ever!

Next week’s sneak peek shows us Natalie and Renee’s heated argument and Renee not showing up for our get-together. So far Renee is making it harder and harder for me and Ang. Hopefully this will just hook a U-turn and turn out better than we expected. I just think it’s all not worth the aggravation. They should just beat each other up. JUST KIDDING. I have changed my ways! They should talk it out. 🙂

I agree with Drita about Renee. Renee has gotten off easy in past seasons, so Drita shouldn’t be getting crap for Renee’s behavior. Also, I agree with the ladies having fun. I think for the first time they have a group of girls that can be in the same room as each other and have fun, without plotting to “jump,” someone.

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