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Andy Cohen Reveals How They Pick Which Housewives Get To Sit Next To Him At The Reunion!

andy cohen reunion

The King of Bravo, Andy Cohen, recently answered fan questions for “Ask Andy”, and one of the questions (which came from Pete Wentz of Fall Out Boy) was what everybody always wants to know, which is how do they decide who sits where at the reunion, and if there is a lot of drama about it among the ladies? Check out what he had to say below!

“That’s a good question. There’s — Sometimes among the women, I think they want — I think, I’ve heard, that they want to be seated next to me. There was someone from the Miami Reunion was furious that she wasn’t sitting next to me, and she said, ‘Just fire me now. Fire me now. It means I’m getting fired.’ Usually we put two women next to me who had, kind of big stories that year, or who have a lot to say, or who are in any kind of conflict with each other, or have a lot going on who we are going to be coming to a lot during the show, that’s how we do it. But, we talk about it a lot. It’s definitely — We tinker around with it a lot. It’s one of my favorite conversations by the way.”

Well, that sums that up. If you are not the star of the show, or season, to the end of the couch you go! LOL Thoughts on what Andy had to say?

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