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Mob Wives Star Renee Graziano Now Leaking Stories About Her Co-Stars Doing DRUGS!

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Mob Wives star, Renee Graziano, isn’t happy that she’s been coming off as the bad guy on the show, and has even stated that now that Ramona and Karen are gone, she’s the new villain. Well, of course instead of Renee just owning up to her actions and moving on, she’s decided to take a few of her co-stars down with her. Apparently, Renee and her friend Carla Murino, (Yes, the same Carla who had her big THREE minutes of camera time) have been leaking out false stories about the ladies EVERY DAY. And the new story is that Big Ang, Alicia DiMichele, and Natalie Guerico, were all allegedly doing drugs with her in Vegas. Check out highlights from an article by Veality Scoop with someone close to the show

During the Vegas trip, Renee relapsed. Maybe she relapsed BEFORE the trip. Did her sister, who was recording it as it went down, stop her? No! Loyalty right? Ive never witnessed the word LOYAL be demonstrated so incorrectly. If you’re loyal to someone, wouldn’t you STOP them from harming themselves rather than record them for ratings? It’s “Renee’s ” choice to be recorded because she’s so real, so I’ll leave that alone. Just let that sink in. But isn’t it funny that there’s now an article going around about ALL of the girls (Ang, Alicia, Nat) everyone but Drita, doing drugs WITH RENEE? I think that article coming out is just to take the heat off of Renee. If everyone was doing the drugs with Renee, why were they all normal and why was she so psychotic? Renee was so high in Vegas a security guard had to escort her up to her room, as he tucked her in, she tucked him in.

The source continues

Renee wasn’t always the mob princess that she claims to be now. She used to wear Fila sweatsuits with her beeper on the side of her pants acting like a man.

Can someone make my life and PLEASE send me a pic of Renee in her FILAS? LOL

That’s not all, it is also being revealed that Renee still speaks to her ex Junior, despite her dramatic letter opening scene, on last week’s episode.

The guy that was the center of the whole DELICIOUS frenzy, was PAID to act as Renees boyfriend so that she could make Junior (the rat) jealous. From what I hear after the two of them went to second base, he was done with her. Renee, as desperate for love as she is at the moment, has phone sex with Junior every now and then. But shhhhh we’re not supposed to know she speaks with junior. Even though she got this letter out of no where from him. Yea yeaaaa.

AllAboutTRH EXCLUSIVELY broke the story of Renee and Carla leaking stories, and Big Ang’s family even released a blog on their family website, that has now been deleted, but the blog implied knowing the “rat” behind all these stories is indeed Renee. Ang’s SISTER, Janine Detore, even responded to a fan with the following tweet

photo 4

Even former Mob Wives cast member, Carla Facciolo responded to fans to this being true

photo 3-1

I’m sure that blog got deleted for obvious reasons that Jen (Graziano), Renee’s sister, is Ang’s manager. I think VH1 needs to get rid of the Graziano’s. They cause more drama than the actual show! Also, how funny that they know not to mess with Drita. Jen should be ashamed putting her sister who is an addict on TV. I mean, Renee really should have been fired when she threw GLASS at Alicia’s face. All in all, it is clear that Carla and Renee are failing at trying to get people to believe their lies. Thoughts on Renee trying to bring down her co-stars? Do you think she should be fired from the show?

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