Mob Wives Recap: Naked Natalie; And Big Ang And Drita Davanzo Confront Renee Graziano!



Tonight’s episode starts off with Renee going over Big Ang’s house to catch her up on what went down at her meet up with Alicia. Renee is saying how bad it was between them two, but she’s not really being up front on how they were both EQUALLY nasty to each other. Renee says Alicia is nothing that she claims to be, which is odd, because there’s a leaked article about Alicia of that same theory. Ang is shocked that it got so heated, but I think she’s more shocked that Alicia yelled. LOL Renee actually looks shaken up about her and Alicia’s argument, but I don’t think she likes showing that vulnerable side of herself that allows her to think about it too much. Over at Alicia’s she is speaking with Natalie about how the sit-down went. Alicia pretty much says Renee denied everything, and Natalie says Renee knows nothing about loyalty, even though she speaks about it so much. Ang thinks that Alicia is at fault for listening to all the gossip about Renee being a rat, but I know after recent events, Ang is singing a different tune about the matter.

Natalie has invited all the girls to come and pick pumpkins with her, and Ang loving it. They’re heading into a haunted maze, and Ang is hysterical. She is so dramatic about everything, and I love it. It suits her. She really is my fave. The girls are all having fun, and sadly, they really do all have a better time when Renee is not around. Natalie tells the girls that she’s having a Halloween party at her funeral home, and she’s inviting everyone, including Renee. I think it’s good that Natalie invited Renee. I actually think it should be mandatory for all the girls to show up at filming events, unless they’re out on another job or event. Renee is having lunch with her son, and it’s so awkward. I don’t know if he hates the camera, or is just uncomfortable talking to Renee. He’s always so serious.

AJ tells Renee he wants to move out with his girlfriend, and she thinks it isn’t a good idea since they’re only 19. I agree with her. That’s so young to move in with a girlfriend. I think she knows he’s going to do what he wants, and she supports him. Drita is in the recording studio, and she gets a surprise visit from Method Man. She’s excited, and I seriously thought she was going to tackle him out of joy. He helps Drita with her rap, and Drita is loving every minute of it. It’s so cute to see Drita this excited. Ang is with her husband Neil and they are talking about having a baby. Sadly, Ang doesn’t want to carry it herself, which is a bummer considering I would love to watch a reality show of all nine months of her pregnancy. Ang is so cute when talking about surrogacy. She says it’s “Build A Baby.” LOL

Renee is at home with her friend Nikole, and she tells her that Natalie called her and left her a message, but she hasn’t listened to it. Renee also has a call from Junior. Renee listens to Natalie’s voicemail, and it’s Natalie inviting her to her Halloween party, and Renee isn’t happy about it, and doesn’t want to go. She doesn’t think the invite is sincere, and she doesn’t like Alicia or Natalie. Renee’s friend says to call Natalie back, but Renee says she wants to text instead ’cause she doesn’t want a headache. I don’t think Natalie’s the one that would have given her the headache, I mean, later we find out she didn’t even care enough to read Renee’s full text LOL

Renee says she doesn’t want to put herself in a position where she’s not welcomed, but these new girls aren’t like some of the old cast members. They aren’t going to go out of their way to make Renee have a miserable time, or try and jump her. I think Renee isn’t used to being around a cast that can coexist with each other, and not fight. It’s time for Natalie’s party, and she’s a dark slutty angel, but prefers “Purgatory.” Drita is so shocked by Natalie’s costume, and I say she needs to come to California, cause Natalie looks covered up compared to some of the costumes out here. LOL Natalie lets Drita read Renee’s text that she sent her, and in the text Renee wants to meet up with Natalie. I thought since Vegas, Natalie and Renee were good? Did I miss something? Renee also says that she feels she’s going to be setup like she was in Vegas, which is just ridiculous. The ladies did nothing to Renee, but want her to have a good time and not be fighting.

I think Renee is really pissed because Drita and Ang didn’t yell at Natalie too and jump in. Alicia shows up, and she looks cute. Considering the year she’s had, she is definitely Wonder Woman. The ladies are all laughing at each other’s costumes, and they are waiting for Ang to show up. Ang finally does and she looks awesome. She literally reminds me of the scene in “Mean Girls” when Cady comes dressed up as an “Ex-wife” and all the girls are in their sexy costumes. Drita and the girls fill Ang in on the text that Renee sent, and Ang isn’t happy about it. Ang and Drita go outside to cool off and talk about their issues with Renee. The ladies think Renee is stirring the pot and is making something out of nothing. They are both tired of it because they feel they have been good to Renee, and they care about her.

Drita and Ang show up at Renee’s house the next day (only in reality tv land, it was probably a month later LOL) and they ask her why she didn’t come to Natalie’s party, and they confront her about the text she sent. Renee says Natalie’s text was insincere, and Drita is getting heated. She thinks this whole argument is about what happened in Vegas, and brings up how Renee said she feels setup. Renee denies the whole thing and says that the text wasn’t about them? That makes no sense. Renee knows she was talking about Drita and Ang, she’s dodging them like she was dodging the things she said about Alicia. Drita decides to drop it and believe Renee about the text, and calls her out about being fake about Alicia. Drita finds it odd that Renee told Alicia she never liked her, but acted like she did. Renee doesn’t want to talk about it, and Ang and Drita look drained. Renee then says she’s not good at being fake, and then tells Drita that she’s probably better at “pretending,” and that pisses Drita off. She snaps at Renee, and then Renee back tracks.

Next week, Renee and Natalie meet face to face.

I really think Renee thinks she’s dealing with the same ladies on previous seasons, who liked to set people up to get jumped. I think this cast is capable of having fun, and of course fighting, but it not having to get physical. I actually like seeing the girls having fun, and I think Renee should join them and be there, vs at home upset, ’cause that’s only going to get her more angry.

Thoughts on tonight’s episode? How do you feel about the feuds between the new girls and Renee? Let’s Discuss!

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