Kyle Richards Calls Carlton Gebbia A Walking, Talking, Contradiction!


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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star, Kyle Richards, is done making an effort to befriend co-star Carlton Gebbia, and she is taking to her blog to share her thoughts on last night’s episode, and why she thinks Carlton is a walking contradiction. Check it OUT

This week we get a glimpse into Carlton’s Red, White, and Blue party. You could see she put a lot of effort into her party. Like I said in my interview, it wasn’t exactly my cup of tea, but to each his own.

When Carlton greeted Joyce and made that face behind her back, I really thought “OK, enough already!” It made me feel bad for Joyce. She comes to a party she’s invited to, with a smile on her face and the hostess acts disgusted to see her. Carlton’s rude comments and unprovoked attacks have grown old. She is a walking, talking contradiction. She preaches loving all Gods’ creatures, no liking drama, not being judgmental, always giving people the benefit of the doubt (clearly not with me), and not putting labels on someone. . .Then her actions are the exact opposite of what she is always preaching about.

When I asked to see Carlton’s tattoo and she lifted up her hair, it was almost completely blocked by her bathing suit tie AND her microphone which is about 3 inches long and 2 inches wide. I could only see PART of the star. I, of course, know what a Star Of David looks like. I also know that she has pentagram tattoos and a cross that says “F— You.” When I saw the tip of the tattoo and asked if that was a Jewish star , I was thinking about the bumper sticker I often see that says “Coexist” and shows a moon, star, peace sign, Star of David, pentagram (on top of the “i”), and a cross (among other symbols — you can google it.). I, in no way, shape or form would mean that as an insult when I AM Jewish. WHY does she think my asking if it was a Jewish star is offensive? What is offensive about a Star Of David? Carlton, to this day, has never been able to answer that question.

When we were leaving and Carlton commented that she liked my necklace , I took it off and gave it to her as a friendly gesture. She thanked me and said “No, really. Thank you. It’s not just a gift. it’s more than that.” I thought that was very sweet thanked her for inviting us and left.

In the next scenes at Yolanda’s painting party, she goes after me again! This time telling the girls that she had a dream and now thinks I’ve been talking bad about her. Then asks them if I have been and ALL three girls tell her that I have not!

I’m not a psychologist, but it seems like she is projecting if you ask me. I am grateful Joyce told her flat out that I have not been speaking against her and also pointed out in her interview that it’s all in her mind. Carlton then goes onto say: “Who makes fun of someone’s religion?” I NEVER made fun of her religion. I would not make fun of ANY religion. I converted from Catholicism to Judaism. Who am I to judge? I have friends of all religions and respect each of their beliefs.

On the bright side, I LOVE Yolanda’s idea of painting with friends and then making a special wall with all the paintings. I even copied Yolanda’s idea and had my kids and friends sit around and do that. I never hung them because for some reason none of them looked like Yolanda’s wall. Portia could have done better than all of us. Haha.

It was fun for me to watch Kim at the autograph signing. I had to rewind and watch Kim with Jimmy McNichol 3 times! I have teased her FOREVER about that. It has been a running joke for years. Now he knows about it! Haha.

People always come up to me and tell me they were in love with Kim when they were growing up. Her fans that have stood by her for so long, really were a great support system when she was having such a hard time. She is so grateful for them.

Doing Days of Our lives was fun. I always am happy when working on the set. I think it reminds me of my childhood. Which, in spite of not being “normal” in any way , was a happy one. Having our RHOBH crew there filming THEM filming ME was interesting. THAT was a first! I actually had eight or nine pages to remember (that’s why I was a bit nervous) — but of course we can only see a little piece.

I loved seeing the flashback photo of my Mom Kathy. She was so beautiful and it made me happy to see her face. Amazing how all the women in my family look so much like her. She had strong genes!

Until next week. . .Thanks for watching!


I agree with what Kyle had to about Carlton. Do you? Do you believe Carlton is a “Walking, Talking, Contradiction?”

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