Alicia Dimichele Big Ang EXCLUSIVES Mob Wives Renee Graziano

AllAboutTRH EXCLUSIVE: Renee Graziano And BFF Use Big Ang’s Daughter For Affair Rumor With Alicia DiMichele’s Husband!

renee and alicia mob wives

Renee Graziano and her friend Carla Murino are up to their old tricks. Apparently, since last Thursday’s episode, they came up with a plan on how to get the heat taken off of them, and it’s by using Big Ang’s daughter, Raquel Donofrio! Sources EXCLUSIVELY tell AllAboutTRH that Renee and Carla are using Raquel to clear Carla’s name of the cheating rumors with Alicia’s (DiMichele) husband Eddie, by leaking false stories about Raquel and Eddie having an affair. They want people to think that Alicia was blaming the wrong people, and want her to direct the blame towards Raquel!

Our insiders reveal,

“Renee and Carla are disgusting. They are so obsessed with Alicia and mad about all the negative feedback they got from their ‘pretend’ sit-down on last week’s episode, that they are desperate to put the blame elsewhere. They are betraying Big Ang and her daughter Raquel, which is sick since Renee’s sister, Jen Graziano, is Big Ang’s manager. After the episode Renee gave a fake statement to VH1 about feeling bad about how she treated Alicia, so she doesn’t look suspicious planting fake stories. They are two pathetic, bitter, women, and stooping this low shows that.”

Below is a picture of Ang and her daughter Raquel and a snippet of the “cheating article” by celeb dirty laundry which Raquel is being accused of cheating in

We have spoken to a source close to Carla Murino, Eddie’s ex-girlfriend, and have learned that is not the case at all. Alicia was right, someone in her circle was trying to “bring her down,” but it wasn’t Carla Murino and Renee Graziano. Alicia had every reason to be paranoid, someone close to her was sleeping with her husband and “trying to bring her down,” but it wasn’t Carla and Renee. It was actually Big Ang’s daughter, Raquel Donofrio
Big Ang threw Renee and Carla under the bus, to protect her own daughter Raquel, and her discrepancies.

big ang and her daughter racquel

Now it makes sense why after all this mean tweeting about Alicia, Renee released a statement saying she feels so bad and blah blah blah. I guess she’s keeping her enemies close, and letting Alicia think they’re “friends,” while she does this shady stuff behind her back. I feel so sorry for Big Ang. Her and her daughter do not deserve this. Renee and this gross Carla person should be ashamed of themselves. I hope Big Ang gets a new manager, because it’s clear these Graziano’s are nothing but TROUBLE! Thoughts on Renee and her friend using Ang’s daughter to clear their names?

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