RHOA Recap: NeNe Leakes Stirs Up Drama; And The Men Get Physical Thanks To Kenya Moore!


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The Real Housewives of Atlanta was drama filled to say the least! We begin with Cynthia Bailey talking to her husband Peter about her winery trip and bringing up what Kandi said regarding Peter’s past. Cynthia doesn’t tell Peter the full story but ticks Peter off by telling Peter Kandi was dissing him at the winery in front of everyone. Cynthia points out how she doesn’t want to start any drama or doesn’t want Peter saying anything but she obviously knows her husband and knows he is going to make a big deal out of this. Honestly, Kandi wasn’t really saying anything horrible about Peter, she was just proving a point and saying Peter had a past and despite the past, Cynthia and Peter were doing well. Cynthia took it wrong and is making it a bigger deal.

Kenya Moore is desperate to have a baby and meets with a doctor who tells her that she won’t be able to have a child without assistance. This upsets Kenya and she starts tearing up. She doesn’t understand how celebrities are having babies and how she is going to struggle having children. This is the only time I do feel bad for Kenya. Having a child is one of the biggest times of your life and for the most part, everyone wants to have a baby. It’s obvious Kenya wants a child and I do hope that she ends up having a child.

Kandi is speaking with Todd at there production meeting when he talks about having Cynthia’s friends Christopher Williams sing in the play. This has Kandi bring up the drama that went on with Natalie saying Todd is an opportunist. This totally shocks and irritates Todd. Todd who didn’t have any bad things to say about Natalie doesn’t understand why he would be accused of being an opportunist. I think that Todd is being called an opportunist because it’s been said, so when one thing is said, everyone wants to repeat it. I don’t think Todd is an opportunist and everyone needs to get over it and just accept that Kandi is happy and be happy for her.

It’s Phaedra’s baby shower and it is so very over-the-top but I’m loving it! Phaedra’s entrance is “grand” and hilarious. Because Phaedra refers to her son as Mr. President she has a presidential inspired party that Dwight has helped with. It’s funny to watch as Phaedra is so over-the-top while Apollo is so..not. You can tell Phaedra and Apollo are just two very different people and it doesn’t make sense as how they are together. They don’t click and they don’t seem happy at all. What was interesting is that Phaedra didn’t invite anyone but Kandi. Phaedra clearly didn’t want drama and didn’t want to stir up crap like NeNe who invited everyone who basically didn’t like each other to her “pajama party.”

Speaking of NeNe’s pajama party, she is getting ready for the night to begin with Cynthia who is shocked that NeNe would invite Cynthia’s friends Christopher Williams and Natalie. First off, these aren’t even NeNe’s friends and second off, she knows it’ll cause drama for Kenya to be in the same room as Natalie and Christopher after she blurted that Christopher didn’t even claim his own wife! She also invites Chuck and his wife Mynique who was talking smack about Kandi and Phaedra.

At NeNe’s party she creates a Q & A that has questions that are clearly stirring up drama which Phaedra points out. Kenya shows up late which is hilarious considering Kenya has a problem with the ladies being late. NeNe made sure to give it to Kenya and it’s funny to watch. NeNe then asks a question about men looking at other women in which Peter points out that he, Apollo, and Todd do because they have gone to the strip club. He then talks about how he was at a strip club and Kandi was present and that he doesn’t get lap dances from the women, he just stares. Kandi clearly has seen these strippers give Peter a lap dance and because Peter brings it up, tells the truth and points out what she has seen. Apollo then talks about when he goes to the strip club, he drops 8gs which Kenya is confused as to how Apollo even has that money.

NeNe then changes the subject and gets up and brings up what Kenya had said about Christopher’s marriage to Natalie. NeNe is all about stirring up the drama and if she is “trying” to make it better, she’s not! Christopher stands up and then Kenya stands up and begins to walk over to Natalie to get in her face while she is sitting down. Christopher then grabs Kenya in the arm to turn around and Kenya’s friend Brandon comes to her defense and starts a brawl while Peter and all the guys try to restrain Brandon. Everything gets CRAZY and Apollo and Brandon get into it. NeNe looks absolutely shocked but she shouldn’t be, she was the one who has stirred everything. Kenya then says in her interview that Apollo is out of his mind for beating Brandon like he is in his jail cell fighting for his virginity. Low blow as usual. Phaedra is trying to calm Apollo down and NeNe says Kenya made the wrong move by charging at Natalie. Phaedra and Apollo are getting ready to leave so everything can calm down but Apollo continues to charge at Brandon who he says hit him in the eye.

Everything is just a mess and this has probably been one of the craziest episodes I have ever seen in Real Housewives history. I think Kenya needs to not play the victim, NeNe needs to admit she started a lot of the drama and half those people shouldn’t have been invited. In the end of the day, NeNe should have not brought up what Kenya said. Kenya should have not got up. Christopher should have not grabbed Kenya’s arm. Brandon should have not attempted to attack Christopher.

Thoughts on Sunday’s episode? Let’s Discuss!

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