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AllAboutTRH EXCLUSIVE: Kyle Richards Admits There’s So Much Hypocrisy On RHOBH And Reveals She Has No Desire To Be Friends With Carlton Gebbia!

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There’s been tons of drama surrounding this season’s Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and one of the biggest stars of the show, Kyle Richards took the time to open up to us exclusively on how she feels about all that’s been happening. Kyle admits to us that there’s so much hypocrisy on RHOBH, talks her status with Lisa Vanderpump plus Brandi Glanville, and reveals she has no desire to work things out with Carlton Gebbia. See what Kyle told us below!

AllAboutTRH: What surprised you the most this season on the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills?
Kyle Richards: I guess what surprised me the most was the change in all of the relationships between the women. It’s like a 360 from last season.

Carlton has stated that no matter how hard she tries, she can’t like you. What do you think Carlton’s issue with you is?
I welcomed Carlton and her husband to the show the first night I met them at our Beverly Hills Chamber Of Commerce event. I knew that it was probably stressful coming into this knowing we all have so much history together . I told them if they needed anything not to hesitate to call. I was looking forward to getting to know her and David who seemed very nice. Clearly she had watched the show and had formed an opinion about me without getting to know me firsthand. I really don’t care what Carlton thinks of me. She has been nothing but rude and judgmental toward me. At this point I have no desire to work things out with her or be friends.

What do you think about Brandi Glanville claiming that without her there wouldn’t be a show?
I think Brandi meant that people are focused on her drama with Joyce this season. This is an ensemble cast and everyone brings something different to the table.

Is it true you and Brandi Glanville are on better terms now?
In reality television people see you as either enemies or BFF’s. It’s not that black & white with Brandi and me. We are just staring to get to know each other really. We are in a good place and I would like to keep it there.

What did you think about Lisa saying on her blog that she didn’t understand your “overreaction” to the cheating allegations against your husband?
Lisa saying she didn’t understand my overreaction to tabloids making up lies about my marriage was insulting. Lisa made a huge deal out of Adrienne Maloof saying Lisa gave stories to the tabloids. Is that more upsetting than someone attacking your family and character?

Last season Lisa was so upset with you because she believed you weren’t a good friend because you didn’t defend her. Do you think she’s being hypocritical since she didn’t stick up for Brandi at the dinner she set up with Joyce?
There are so many hypocrisy’s on this show it is extremely frustrating at times. In all fairness that night would have been hard to defend. I am happy I wasn’t there. haha!

Do you think you and Lisa will ever be as close as you once were?
It’s hard to say what will happen between Lisa and me. When I see glimpses of us having fun together , I miss that. We were the closest of the group (other than my sister Kim and me) and laughed so much. If I could laugh and have fun with her this season after things that were said to me at the Reunion last year, then I can probably get past anything. I get over things pretty easily. Otherwise, I could never be on a show like this!

Are you nervous for the reunion?
Last year I had anxiety about the Reunion. But not this year .I am ready. Bring it on!!

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