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We start tonight’s episode off with Carlton and her nanny that is never with her kids — auditioning strippers for her annual pool party. Carlton’s storyline so far has been all sex everything, and it’s boring. I think Carlton should have just hired Brandi to work the pole, I mean, that’s a win for both of them. Carlton likes Brandi, and Brandi needs the money. LOL Brandi is at home hating her new dog “Buddy.” She calls him stupid and is trying hard to like him, but it’s just not working. I feel bad for poor little Buddy. Lisa comes over and Buddy looks like he is ready to sneak in Lisa’s bag so he can leave home with her. Brandi tells Lisa that she’s going to Sacramento for her book signing and that her dad is upset with her about saying in her book that she’s a drug dealer, when he really was a distributor. Lisa says there is a difference, but Brandi doesn’t see it. Lisa finds out that Yolanda is going with Brandi to her book signing and she looks bummed because she wanted to go, but according to Brandi, she’s too rich. I think that was low of Brandi to stereotype Lisa that way considering Lisa deals with every day people, EVERY DAY.

Lisa is trying to help Brandi pack and Brandi takes it as Lisa is mothering her and starts crying because everything is “falling apart.” Yolanda and Brandi arrive in Sacramento and Brandi is nervous because her dad is still not speaking to her. They arrive at their hotel and it’s gorgeous. Brandi brings up that her dad is going to say something about how nice her room is, and Yolanda is trying to reassure her that it’s not a big deal. Joyce and her husband Michael are at a gun range, and Joyce looks more terrifying handling that gun, than an armed robber. It’s time for Brandi’s book signing, and I honestly thought it would be more packed. Brandi’s dad is at the signing, and you can tell he’s proud of his daughter. Kyle is home cooking for Shabbat, and I swear, NOBODY loves a one sleeve more than Kyle. LOL

Brandi is at dinner with Yolanda and her family, and she gives Brandi’s dad a gift. Brandi’s dad looks like he’s ready to trade Brandi in for Yolanda. Kyle and her family are discussing her daughter’s Bat Mitzvah celebration, and of course what the budget is going to be for the Beverly Hills teen. They know it is all competition when it comes to parties, and they want to throw her something elegant, but not too extreme. All I can say is, THANK GOD, Paris Hilton is a DJ now, hopefully that’ll be her gift to them. Back at dinner, Brandi gives her dad a card saying she hopes things will get better. After dinner they all go back to the hotel and Brandi’s family is amazed with how big it is. Brandi and her dad have a moment outside and it’s really sweet.

Joyce arranges a boxing/self-defense class for the ladies, so they can defend themselves against any man. Brandi arrives first and the ladies are kind to each other. The other ladies arrive and they are all in a good mood. Lars (the instructor) shows the ladies how to do a chokehold and Yolanda doesn’t get the memo, that tapping means to stop, so she almost kills the guy. LOL Now it’s time to get in the ring. Carlton goes first and she looks like season 2, Danielle Staub. It’s Lisa’s turn, and I think since she practically has her boobs out, that’s her method to distract any future attacker. Kyle and Kim get in the ring, and Kim is ready to kill! LOL Kim is going after Kyle like nobody’s business. Kyle ends up on top, which Brandi says is how things ended up for them in life. OUCH. It’s Brandi’s turn and she tries to be too bad ass, and hits her hand too hard on the instructor’s head.

The class is over and Kyle, Lisa, and Brandi are off to lunch. Kyle gives Brandi a cute cheer up card in the limo, and Lisa looks a little jealous. I think it was nice of Kyle, considering Brandi has never been that nice to her. Brandi is complaining about her hand and Lisa is urging her to go to the doctor’s. Brandi doesn’t want to go, and takes it as Lisa is mothering her. I think Brandi shouldn’t keep crying to Lisa like a little girl all the time about everyone and everything, and then complain that she’s being ‘mothered.’ I mean, of course Lisa is going to encourage her friend, who is a mother responsible for two little boys, to go get her hand checked out by a doctor.

Tonight’s episode was very tame, and surprisingly, NO DRAMA. LOL Next week, Carlton’s raunchy pool party. Thoughts on Tonight’s episode? Let’s discuss!

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