RHOA Recap: Crunk In The Trunk



We start this week’s episode off with Phaedra visiting over at Kandi’s house, and of course, she’s there to fill Kandi in on the drama that went down with Chuck. Kandi is shocked that Nene and Phaedra are being so chummy, and she’s probably thinking that Nene set that whole mess up with Chuck. Phaedra proceeds to tell Kandi what Chuck was saying and they are both laughing ’cause they know he is full of it. Cynthia is helping her sister Mal get her beads together for a trunk show they are going to have for them. Cynthia doesn’t exactly approve of how her sister Mal dropped by, but at least she’s making the most of it. Unlike Peter, who decides to throw another mantrum. Peter is mad that Cynthia told her sister about the problems they are having, and of course that she’s living there. Peter thinks Cynthia should of had a private conversation with him about Mal staying over, and I agree. I also agree that Peter should have a private conversation with his WIFE, every time he steals money out of HER account, and spends it on whatever HE thinks is best.

Kenya’s father is visiting her, and they look nothing alike. The first thing he tells her after “hi,” is how she has corns on her feet. EWWWW. Kenya needs to twirl her butt to a foot doctor! They get to Kenya’s house, and her dad doesn’t like anything about it, and could care less. Kenya tells him how she wants to reconcile with her mom. I don’t know why Kenya keeps trying to force a relationship with someone who has consistently said, and proved she doesn’t want her in her life. Kind of like her dating Walter. She tried forcing something with someone who didn’t want it, so she faked it. Porsha is meeting with her divorce lawyer, and is mad cause she wants money, but her lawyer is trying to explain to her that she looks to rich to be asking for money. Which is true, Porsha is not like other women who actually need to money they are fighting for. Porsha really doesn’t get life. She thinks the judge is like her mommy who will give her, her way.

Kandi and Todd are going over the preparations for her upcoming play. Todd mentions that he has a job opportunity in New York, and that makes Kandi cry ’cause she thinks he’s trying to escape her and her mom, which is probably true. Kandi says she doesn’t want the issues going on with her mom to change things, but Kandi needs to realize she holds the power to end all of that. Her mom shouldn’t have the key to hold that kind of effect on their relationship. Cynthia and Nene both are walking up to Kenya’s new home, and Nene looks annoyed that Kenya is renting a Bentley and she isn’t. The ladies both meet Kenya’s dad, and Nene says they don’t look like they are related. Nene tells Kenya that, that can’t be her Bentley since she’s broke. Geez, at least play coy about your jealousy Nene!

Kenya brings up Kandi’s play to Nene and Nene acts like a diva about not doing it. I think for someone who has never even won an award, including a Razzie,for her acting — Nene is being VERY snobby about the whole thing. She should be honored that a Grammy award winner, such as Kandi, even thought to include her. Nene says she’s very busy too, but I guess Bravo missed all of that in filming, ’cause every time we see her, she’s doing nothing. Porsha is having Kanid and Phaedra over at her new house, and she’s dressed funky. Maybe she was trying on different “I’m not rich” outfits for her court date? The ladies are shocked at how much money Porsha is spending on her home, especially given her financial state. Porsha is getting annoyed that they are questioning her, but that’s what she needs — Two, SMART, business women, giving her financial advice. Porsha is filling the ladies in on what’s going on in her divorce, and they feel bad for her.

It’s time for Mal’s trunk show, and the main focus in Mal inviting herself to stay at Cynthia’s, and Porsha not being a good friend to Nene’s standards and not telling her that she moved in her neighborhood. The ladies are shocked that Mal came unannounced to stay with Cynthia and Peter, and Mal is getting very defensive. She snaps at Kenya for asking so many questions about it, and Kenya snaps back at her. Then Nene arrives, and she is already annoyed with Phaedra. Even though Porsha told the ladies not to tell Nene that she moved into her neighborhood, they do so anyways. Kenya is annoyed and leaves because she is tired of Porsha making everything about her divorce. She’d LITERALLY rather get hit by a car, than be around her crying. Nene gets mad and calls Porsha a bad friend. She doesn’t feel that Porsha is there for her the same way she is there for Porsha. She tells Porsha that she is a bad friend, and Porsha walks away in tears. Cynthia tries stopping her, and Nene comes over to apologize, but is irritated at the same time. Porsha says she feels she is too needy right now to keep bothering her, and Nene talks with her. Nene has so many demands on her friends, yet she never acknowledges their feelings. Next week, the drama continues with Kandi and Todd’s relationship as someone comes forward to reveal he is an opportunist!

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