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Dina Manzo Reveals She Still Sleeps With Her Ex-Husband Tommy; Plus Talks Caroline Manzo!

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Real Housewives of New Jersey star, Dina Manzo, appeared on former housewife, Bethenny Frankel’s talk show, and boy did she have a lot to say. She joined two other guests on a panel discussing the topic of going back to an ex, and Dina not only revealed that she is still living with her ex, Tommy Manzo, but she also revealed that the two still even sleep together! Of course, the juicy deets didn’t stop there, Bethenny also asked the Jersey girl about her current relationship with her sister! Check out what Dina had to say

On her relationship with her ex-husband Tommy, Dina shares, “Well, we are not ex, we are just separating. We live together.”

Bethenny asked if they still sleep together, to which Dina smiled and answered, “On occasion.”

A stunned Bethenny, then asked how does that even work, Dina said, “Well, I’m not sleeping with anybody else, and I don’t think he is either.” Bethenny even more shocked asked, “Why are you even breaking up?”

Dina says, “Cause some people are just not right for marriage.” She then laughed and said “Yeah,” when asked about the sex being that good! LOL

Of course the topic was “family feuds,” and how to deal with them and start fresh, so Bethenny took the opportunity to ask Dina about hers, to which Dina said,

“Well, I think for anytime with family, it’s different than a relationship with the spouse. Like, they’re not going away, you can’t get a divorce. I think it’s all about a fresh start when you do come back together, I don’t think you should rehash what went on. I just think start clean, and go forward from there. Because rehashing is just going to make you fight more.”

The other two guests were trying to speak, but of course, Bethenny brings it right back to Dina with a little Q and A saying,

“Well let’s talk about sharing it. You have been on national television and your family drama is like our cocktail party conversation.”

Dina: Pretty much!

Bethenny: So where are you now? Are you going to rekindle with Caroline?

Dina: I don’t know what anyone else is thinking but for me, I don’t hate anybody, anytime that anyone wants to come knock at my door and have tea I’m good for it.

Bethenny: Do you want to knock on anyone’s door and have tea?

Dina: I think right now it’s, you can go through life and sometimes your friends, there’s 11 of us in my family so there’s always cliques and right now were just not in the same clique. It doesn’t mean I hate her, I’m not avoiding the situation, whatever, it’s just we don’t hang out.

Bethenny: So it doesn’t feel as flared up, it feels a little clean. You’re right, maybe you can move to the next level where it’ll get, like —

Dina: Yea I’m fine with it, it’s just that rehashing is not a good idea especially with Italians, that does not fly.

Bethenny: But you’re going back to the Housewives, right?

Dina: I guess so, yeah. It’s the worst kept secret, right?

Bethenny: And is it safe to say — would it be accurate to say that you are closer to Jacqueline. I’m sorry you’re closer with Teresa (Giudice) than Jacqueline (Laurita) your sister-in-law?

Dina: Oh right now, absolutely!

Bethenny: You are? Ok, that’s gonna make for good television! Are you going to your nieces’ wedding?

Dina: Of course! Yes.

If this is what’s to come on this season of RHONJ, than I am even more excited that Dina is back! She was so fun and open in this interview. What do you guys think? Are you surprised she revealed she still sleeps with Tommy?

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