Carlton Gebbia Reveals She DID Watch RHOBH Before She Came On The Show; Plus Slams Some Of Her Co-Stars!


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Ever since Carlton Gebbia came onto the housewives scene, many have questioned, (due to her behavior), if she had ever watched the RHOBH show BEFORE she joined the cast. Well, last night on WWHL, Andy Cohen got to the bottom of it, and Carlton not only revealed that she watched a couple of episodes before filming, but she also slammed some of her co-stars for being “ignorant,” regarding her faith. Check out what she had to say

When a caller called in and asked Carlton what she believes what she thinks is the other women’s perception of her religion, she said, “Um, I think — aside from two of them, I think they are pretty open to it, but there’s two of them that are pretty bloody ignorant.”

Of course Andy made her say their names, LOL, and Carlton revealed it was Kyle Richards and Joyce Giraud she was referring to.

Andy also asked Carlton why it was okay for Brandi to call her a C-U-Next-Tuesday, but it was not okay for Kyle to ask about her religion.

Carlton says, “Because with Brandi, I understand her, we have a friendship. So, her calling me the ‘C-word’ is coming from, I think a place of friendship, which I do have with her.” She went onto say about Kyle asking about her religion, “Up to that point there had been many little innuendos and digs that were passive aggressive and just you know, toxic. So, I don’t have patience for morons.”

On the after show, Andy asks Carlton if she ever watched RHOBH before she came on the show, or did she just want to do it blind. Here’s what she had to say,

“No, and it wasn’t a question of doing it blind. I never had watched reality shows, so when I knew this was going to kind of materialize, then I watched a couple of episodes to get an idea. And it wasn’t because I didn’t want to have any preconceived ideas, it’s just it was kind of the 11th hour then to decide.”

Carlton is FOS. Sorry, but she wasn’t even “friends” with Brandi when Brandi called her the C-word. That was the first time Brandi even came to her house! Also, she made it very obvious that she watched some of the show before she came on. Her actions proved that she did. What are your thoughts on what Carlton had to say?

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