RHOA Recap: Chuck Airs It All Out By Blasting Phaedra Parks And Kandi!


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Tonight’s episode of the Real Housewives of Atlanta begins with Kenya Moore having lunch with her friend Lawrence. I thought this was the most irrelevant scene and because I’m not Kenya’s biggest fan, I truly don’t care to talk about there pointless conversation. Moving along, NeNe and Phaedra Parks are suddenly invited by Mynique’s husband, Chuck Smith to attend a boys and girls event in their hometown of Athens. I found it extremely weird that Mynique wasn’t present with her husband. It was nice to see Chuck play nice and not bring up anything awkward at the lunch they had before attending the event.

Kandi meets with her mom while she is getting her hair did and Kandi’s mom reveals that she went to the doctor making Kandi and viewers believe something is wrong. And obviously trying to manipulate Kandi in feeling sorry for her. Mama Joyce says she wants to stop fighting but points out that Kandi has only one mom and she doesn’t want Kandi to forget that. Mama Joyce continues that she went to the doctors and can’t do this anymore and when Kandi asks if something is wrong, Mama Joyce says she is fine. So what exactly was the reasoning in bringing up Mama Joyce going to the doctor in the first place? Honestly Mama Joyce needs a man. I think she’ll be a LOT happier but she seems like the type who just isn’t looking for that. I don’t know how Kandi puts up Mama Joyce being so inappropriate but I give her credit for being patient with her mother.

After Porsha’s husband Kordell filed for divorce, Porsha has been living with her mother but decides that she is 32 and needs to move out. Now I’m assuming she wants to move in a comfortable little apartment being that she’s all by herself but out of no where I see this HUGE house that is perfect for a family home. Clearly, this home is out of Porsha’s means but she doesn’t realize this. For those of you who don’t know, Porsha may not even return to next season’s RHOA so she needs to take a breather on how she uses her money. Porsha says the reason she got such a big home is because she wants to live by the motto, ‘just do it.’ I’m sure she’s not going to be saying that when she gets evicted.

Back at Cynthia’s, her sister Mel is visiting and reveals that she is going to stay with Cynthia and Peter for 2 months. This is the first time Cynthia is hearing this and I’m a bit confused as to why Mel would even want to stay at Peter and Cynthia’s knowing Peter isn’t her biggest fan and vice versa. Cynthia tells Peter that Mel is going to stay with them for two months and he isn’t having it. Honestly, I don’t like how Peter is with Mel but Mel needs to stop with the pointless comments. It seems as if she finds joy when she sees Cynthia and Peter fight. Peter is irritated that Mel didn’t even ask Cynthia or himself and Cynthia is trying to defend herself to Peter to make sure he knows that she had no idea. Things are getting ugly!

NeNe, Chuck, and Phaedra all attend the event and on there way home, Chuck brings up what was said in Savannah about Kandi and Phaedra dating Chuck. Chuck is upset about this because he claims he never dated Kandi or Phaedra. Chuck disrespectfully goes hard on Phaedra letting her know they never dated and only had sex with each other as NeNe sits back probably enjoying the conversation. I don’t even know who this Chuck guy is but apparently he was a God back in the day and every girl was trying to get on his team. Chuck starts airing it all out and reveals that even Kandi was nothing to him. The way Chuck is trying to get his point across is disgusting and I was surprised Phaedra didn’t slap him across the face. Chuck even goes as far as saying that Kandi and him were never serious despite him meeting her family and that Kandi was messing with multiple men while they were together. Again, who the hell is this Chuck guy? I feel bad for his wife! And Chuck was so out of line especially telling Phaedra that she was apart of a team. It all makes sense as to why Phaedra was invited in the first place. He just wanted to call her out while cameras were rolling.

Moving back to Cynthia, she and Peter are home and fighting about the same BS. Sometimes I feel like Peter pressures Cynthia to fight him on RHOA to secure there role for future seasons and keep that RHOA income coming. I truly don’t see what Cynthia sees in Peter but the two are fighting and Peter’s swearing and upset at Cynthia for bringing up the same stuff that is two years old. Either way, Peter needs an attitude check and reality check. He needs to be thankful that he has a wife like Cynthia who supports him despite the fact that he is an unattractive asshole!

Thoughts on Sunday’s episode? Were you shocked by Chucks’ behavior? Let’s Discuss!

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