RHOBH Recap: Joyce Giraud VS The Dream Team



We start tonight’s episode off with Carlton shopping with her husband and her mother-in-law, at Hustler. Carlton is definitely comfortable with her MIL. Carlton seems very sexual and open in front of the sales girl and her MIL, so it’s surprising to see how offended she is with every naughty joke the other ladies say in front of her. Carlton reminds me of Ramona Rickettes from the movie “Cry-Baby,” LOL. Yolanda is getting ready to go on a date with David. She’s stressing about her blemishes, but I still think she looks great. Lisa is in her garden with her puppies, and Ken, and she is telling Ken she doesn’t know what to do in regards of trying to help Brandi and her behavior. Lisa thinks maybe it is the fact that her dog is missing, but if that’s the case, then Brandi’s dog has been missing for three seasons now, cause she’s exactly the same. Lisa thinks it’s a good idea to have a dinner party with some of the ladies so they can clear the air and start fresh. Sounds like a good idea right? We’ll see how that turns out in a bit.

Kim is with her son and wait for — they are watching a video of her dog Kingsley at Summer Camp! LOL I can’t even believe they have trainers like that for dogs. You would think Kim owned a lion or something. Yolanda is at dinner with her husband, and the view is breathtaking. I know Yolanda likes love letters, but she’s not fooling anyone with that being her only gifts. We know David spoils her, as he should. Yolanda gives David a book “For His Eyes Only.” Of course Bravo wasn’t having any of that, they gave us a little taste with what was inside. I’m sure they showed the PG photos. LOL

Kyle is getting ready for a fundraiser she is having for a children’s hospital. The ladies are coming in for a fitting so they can model for the fashion show at her store. Joyce and Brandi both come in to get fitted and they arrive with their friends. Joyce introduces herself to Jen and Jen immediately starts speaking to Joyce in Spanish, which makes Brandi really mad, cause that’s HER best friends, and that’s not fair. The ladies start trying on clothes and all they look gorgeous. Joyce is so tiny, I’m convinced half of her weight is probably her hair. Brandi looks like she is going to throw up watching Joyce model dresses.

Kim needs time to herself, so she does what anyone does who needs a break — she goes race car driving! Duh. Lisa is has invited Martin to the dinner as well and she is talking to him about how she wants the evening to go regarding Joyce. Carlton is getting her playroom ready with her nanny, who always seems to be with Carlton, and never with her son. I think that nanny really belongs to Carlton.

It’s now time for dinner. Lisa is trying to be friendly and kindly warn Brandi about how she wants her to behave at dinner. You can tell Lisa jokes with Brandi cause she doesn’t want to start an argument. Brandi is still trying to say she gets Joyce’s name confused, which is BS. Brandi is talking to Martin and telling him how Joyce likes to one-up people. Then she says “Welcome to pageantry, I never did pageants, so I have no idea.” What?! LOL Then don’t say anything. After plenty of time to gossip, Joyce and her baby arrive.

Everyone is having a nice time and conversation at dinner. Brandi is being friendly, and the rest of the night looks promising. Mohammed asks Joyce how she is getting along with the women, and she is honest. Which is ballsy of her considering that these women are lethal if you attack anyone on their dream team. She says “so-so,” and Mohammed keeps vouching for Lisa. Joyce’s husband Michael says he’s not going to sit there and let anyone attack his wife, and Yolanda tells him that he needs to let the ladies fix it on their own, and the husbands have to stay out of it.

Brandi goes in for the kill. She lets Joyce know that they have mutual friends, and that one of the friends doesn’t speak highly of her. Joyce gets defensive, which I think anyone would, and tells Brandi that that’s not true, and Brandi’s the one they don’t speak highly of. Lisa tries to put the fire out, but this is only the beginning. Joyce is armed and ready! LOL Brandi then CLEVERLY TRIES to say “Oh I was just giving you advice Joyce and you turned it around.” Let’s be real. Brandi was trying to embarrass Joyce. She was in no way trying to be a “girls girl” and give her advice. Joyce is tired of Brandi and goes off on her. She brings up what Brandi said about Lisa, and Brandi calls Joyce stupid. Yes, the same intelligent Brandi who said that Winston Churchill was a famous black leader.

Joyce goes on and calls Brandi a racist for her comments. I don’t agree that Brandi is a racist. I think Brandi is ignorant and uneducated. Brandi then tells Joyce that she should talk to her ex-boyfriend ’cause he is black. (Who says that?!) That’s the worst point you can try to make trying to defend a racial slur you made. Brandi then brings up her best friends she brought to Kyle’s store earlier that day to prove to Joyce that she is not racist. Brandi looks crazy and needs to stop. Her points she is trying to make isn’t helping, it’s actually making it worse. Since Brandi brought up her friends to defend her behavior, Joyce points out that, that’s probably why she brought them to the store, which makes Brandi go crazier.

Joyce tells Brandi that she should learn from her friends, ’cause they are both classy, and Brandi isn’t. Lisa is telling Joyce to stop instead of correcting the Brandi the Beast. Joyce is just getting started. She’s not going to sit quiet anymore and let these women think she’s some wallflower. Good for her. I doubt any of the people who defend Brandi would sit through what Joyce has and just sit quiet and take it. Joyce brings up Brandi making fun of her name and calls Brandi a bully. Michael (baby) tells Brandi what planet does she live one and Brandi starts going after him saying she lives on Earth and where the f— does he live.

Yolanda and Lisa both don’t condone what Brandi is saying or doing, but neither is a friend enough to stop her either. Joyce tells Brandi she lives on Planet Trash. LOL Brandi had that coming. Not sorry. The best was Brandi’s comeback for that, which was, “I dont, no, I don’t.” Lisa is holding a double standard because she still thinks Brandi is her friend. Joyce is taking this Dream Team by storm and they are freaking out. Brandi brings up the pain over her dog, and Lisa keeps trying to quiet Joyce down every time she speaks, but Joyce isn’t having it. Joyce keeps calling Brandi trash, and Brandi says her whole vocabulary which consists of the F-word.

Next week, Brandi and the rest of the gang continue to make excuses for Brandi.

What did you think of tonight’s episode? Do you think Brandi was right about this being the episode that “exposes” Joyce? Let’s discuss!

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