RHOA Recap: NeNe Leakes Mocks Cynthia Bailey’s Parenting Leaving Her All Kinds Of Emotional!


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The ladies are having breakfast and things get shockingly get heated with NeNe and Cynthia when they have a disagreement about parenting. Cynthia is opening up about how she is handling her daughter Noelle’s dating life at 13. Cynthia is obviously not looking for opinions, she just wants her friends to listen when NeNe completely disagrees with Cynthia’s parenting which upsets Cynthia. I think it would upset anyone when their friend is questioning their parenting in front of a bunch of others girl. NeNe doesn’t agree with the fact that Cynthia is allowing Noelle to date or has met Noelle’s boyfriend. I honestly don’t agree with NeNe. I’ve been 13 before, like we all have, and my mother was strict. So when she said no dating, it’s not like I listened. And for the most part, I notice not many listen and act out even more when their parents aren’t realistic. NeNe says she would never allow her son who is the same age as Noelle to date which I find ridiculous. As if a 14-year-old boy is going to listen to his mother when it comes to a girl! NeNe is being harsh and looks as if she is judging her friend’s parenting which I find wrong.

NeNe then starts talking about how girls are these days claiming they are a bit too grown up for her. She also laughs at how girls are young and twerking which isn’t helping Cynthia who begins getting emotional. Cynthia is obviously getting upset and NeNe sees it but continues to laugh at her and laugh at the fact that young girls are bad kind of insinuating that Cynthia’s parenting will lead Noelle in the wrong direction. I don’t understand why NeNe has so much to say about girls being bad when she was a stripper at one point. Now to each their own, but I just don’t think NeNe should be so judgmental.

Porsha and Kenya follow Cynthia while NeNe is still laughing about the comments she is making. Kandi believes NeNe is being harsh. And Kenya and Porsha feel bad for Cynthia because they know she is the best parent. Kenya opens up about how all she’s ever wanted is a mother like Cynthia so gets emotional for her.

Later on the day, NeNe finally goes and speaks to Cynthia and kind of downplays everything so that they could just move forward. Cynthia doesn’t seem like she ever will tell NeNe how she really feels and also downplays the situation. NeNe then hears Porsha crying and enters into her room to see what’s going on with her. All this mom talk has had Porsha thinking about how she misses Kordell’s son who she helped raised. Porsha needs more closure from Kordell and oddly would still want to get back together with him despite the many negative things she has said about him. NeNe encourages Porsha to reach out to him and Porsha is loving this idea.

The ladies are all feeling better and get ready for a girls night out. Kenya finally speaks to Phaedra about all the Apollo drama and it’s clear Phaedra doesn’t want to speak about it but is ready to move on. This annoys Kenya but the two just agree that there over it.

The ladies enjoy there night out and have some drinks and head home to a dinner that Phaedra and Kandi cooked for them. Everything looks delicious! Porsha announces that she listened to NeNe’s advice and texted Kordell. Porsha seems happy that she did this but we all know in the end, the turn out didn’t change. Porsha texts Kordell asking them to talk about things and he responds simply agreeing to them talking but asks what they want to speak about. Porsha has no idea what to respond so Kandi takes her phone and makes it simple for her by replying “us.” Kenya and Porsha also had a heart to heart that even Kenya was giving Porsha some positive advice. The day ends off pretty good despite the small drama. Thoughts on Sunday’s episode? Did NeNe go too far or did Cynthia overreact? Let’s Discuss!

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