RHOBH Recap: Yolanda Foster Chooses Her Dream Team; And Brandi Glanville Continues To Go After Joyce Giraud!



We start tonight’s episode off with Yolanda shopping for flowers for her dinner party. I like how Yolanda acts like her life is so humble and she only splurges on flowers. Like really? I’ve seen your closet! LOL It’s okay Yolanda. We know you are loaded and loving it. Who cares? Joyce is having dinner with her “baby” (her husband) and she is filling him in on the drama that happened with Brandi and the rest of the ladies in Palm Springs. Joyce’s husband is so in love with her, it’s nice to see. Joyce’s husband is shocked at the things that Brandi said. Kim is helping Brandi and her friends post signs all over her neighborhood for her dog Chica. Kyle and her family come to help, and I really got to give it up to Kyle. Because I would NOT be helping someone who just called me an “a-hole” and threatened to say 100 horrible things to me.

Carlton is at home getting a room ready for her and her husband. It is going to be their “playroom.” Lisa is meeting her husband Ken to see how her “gay garden” is coming along. She looks so cute in that pink hat. Kim is sending Kingsley with a trainer for a week, and she is so sad. I feel so bad for her. You can tell that dog is really one of her kids. It’s the day of the dinner party, and Yolanda’s house is looking beautiful. Yolanda is making the seating arrangement, and you can see she has drawn a heart by her favorites. Yolanda places Kyle right next to her, and then states it’s to keep her enemies close, but she’s “just kidding.”

Brandi and Kyle are driving up together to Yolanda’s dinner party. Brandi is a completely different person around Kyle. She has so much fun with her and is her best friend, and then as soon as Lisa and Yolanda around, she flips. Carlton calls Yolanda to let her know she is not feeling well, so she won’t be attending the dinner. Yolanda is sweet to her, and then talks about her behind her back. At least Carlton called.

Brandi is telling Kyle how Lisa and Yolanda lecture her. Kyle doesn’t really say much, except that she thinks Brandi is scared for Lisa to know that she actually likes Kyle. Kyle asks Brandi for her support to model for sick children at her store, and of course Brandi Campbell talks about how she’s modeled in Europe and then says she will do it for the kids? Why say anything? The friend you JUST called an a-hole helped you put up signs and supported you when she didn’t need to. Say yes, and drop it.

The ladies are arriving to the dinner and they all look gorgeous. Brandi usually does too, but this time, she’s dressed very sexy barbie. LOL Brandi decides to act like she’s 12 and make up a lie about Joyce to Gigi (Yolanda’s daughter) and tells Gigi that Joyce is jealous of her? Can you say reaching? I doubt the lady around gorgeous young beauty queens all day is worried about another gorgeous girl.

Everyone is sitting for dinner now and Kyle asks why some people have hearts. Yolanda laughs it off and says it is her “Dream Team,” and the other ladies need to earn their heart. HOW CHILDISH CAN SOMEONE BE? Of course Brandi defends Yolanda’s hearts. I don’t know why Yolanda acts like the rest of the ladies need to do 9-5 shifts for her friendship. Like who the heck are you? I would have got up and left to Chipotle if I were the other ladies. LOL

David asks Mauricio if he sold a house today, and Lisa and the rest of the DT smirk when he answers that he sold three. Yolanda and David make toasts and they are lovely. I’m glad he has stuck around to support and love her through her sickness. David asks Joyce to make a toast in Spanish, and of course Brandi can’t help but interrupt and put her down, and laugh throughout her toast. Lisa is loving it, and it’s funny ’cause the REAL joke is on her. Even though now she’s crying about it.

Brandi only talks to Joyce to try and make whatever she says into an argument. She never talks to her to have a genuine conversation. Joyce tells Brandi she was speaking to her baby aka her husband, and Brandi knows what she is talking about, but of course, wants to start a fight, (talk about who really always needs the attention.) Brandi thinks it is absolutely HILARIOUS that Joyce refers to her sons and husband as her “babies.” Gosh she is reaching. Why is this bothering her so much? Brandi then asks Joyce’s husband if he is a baby or a man. He politely answers and pretty much says that he is Joyce’s baby. Brandi seems mad that she couldn’t start an argument. She looks like a lonely drunk.

Joyce points out in her talking head that maybe if Brandi acted differently that she would have her own “baby.” And she’s right. Brandi looks so bitter and messy. The ladies kiss and say goodbye, and head home. Joyce and her husband are talking about what a nice evening they had, and enjoyed their night, minus Brandi. Joyce’s husband suggests that Brandi needs an intervention and Joyce cleverly adds that maybe the “Dream Team” can do that. LOL

Next week, Brandi gets the fight she’s been fishing for!

What did you think of tonight’s episode? Let’s discuss!

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