RHOA Recap: The Underground Railroad Debacle!


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The Real Housewives of Atlanta is filled with drama and tonight’s episode continues with the ladies still fighting about everyone being late. Kenya continues to think she in control of the situation until NeNe finally puts a stop to it all.

Everything gets a bit better until the ladies speak about marriage. NeNe’s friend Mynique opens up about how she checks up on her husband and Porsha was interested in what Mynique was saying and thought the two had a lot in common after that. That’s when the girls set Porsha straight and said the two don’t have something in common. In fact, Porsha let Kordell run the show while Mynique had equality in her marriage.

There all trying to let Porsha know that Porsha did what ever Kordell said and that’s when she breaks down. I’m getting tired of speaking about Porsha’s failed marriage to be clearly honest.

The ladies finally arrive to Savannah and things already get heated when Kandi takes the master bedroom. NeNe is obviously annoyed because she is the host and the other ladies encourage her to say something to Kandi. NeNe agrees and tries not to argue. She then speaks to everyone and sets some rules. Kandi and Phaedra don’t respond too well to these rules being that their adults not children-or NeNe’s children.

Kandi and Phaedra leave to talk amongst themselves. They didn’t want the other women around which was smart.

The women then later all enjoy some drinks and Mynique brings up how her husband had a relationship with Kandi. This is just awkward. Kandi says she did used to date Mynique’s husband Chuck a long time and adds that he was a good person to her and her family. NeNe then points out how Chuck had a reputation for being cheap but Kandi kills those rumors because she points out when they were together, he paid off her cards and would give her money. Bet Mama Joyce REALLY loved him. Things get weird when Kenya of course asks some awkward questions. Phaedra then reveals she used to date Chuck as well but Chuck denied this to Mynique. Porsha says Mynique needs to find out what else her husband is hiding. Who can bet this relationship will end in divorce as well after being on this show? Porsha was apparently saying it as a joke but Mynique gets insulted. I don’t really know how I feel about Mynique at this point and I think Kenya is an instigator. Tonight’s episode was ehh but prepare for things to get crazy!

Thought’s on tonights episode? Let’s Discuss!

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