Wendy Williams Says Majority Of Her Staff And Fans Believe Kenya Moore Is Lying About Having A Boyfriend!



If you ever questioned whether or not Real Housewives of Atlanta star, Kenya Moore was lying about her boyfriend — You’re not the only one! LOL Wendy reported on her show, that apparently, the same day she interviewed Kenya, her Facebook fans, and even MANY members of her staff, voiced their opinion about not believing that Kenya had a rich African boyfriend like she claims. Check out what Wendy had to say

“Okay, so Kenya was here yesterday (Tuesday) and I thought we had a lovely conversation. I got a text from my hairstylist Antoine who said, ‘You and Kenya have great chemistry.’ I was watching the repeat at 4 o’clock, I was watching and I was like ‘Yeah we do have great chemistry.’ She’s a fun girl. She’s in on this show. She’s not hurt.”(Regarding firing rumors.)

Wendy continues

“Then I go to my Facebook page to see what people are saying — Almost EVERYBODY and a bunch of my producers here — People don’t believe that Kenya really has a boyfriend in Africa. People are thinking Kenya is lying just to sound like she has a full life with a man. Haven’t you ever lied about having a boyfriend? But, I don’t know. Kenya does seem like the type that if she had a boyfriend, she’d want to parade him around. You know, because it took her so long to find real, true, love. I am not totally agreeing with my Facebook family, or some of my producers here, but my verdict is still out on this one. Kenya do you really have a man?”

Wendy also admits that she was much younger than 41 years old when she lied about having a boyfriend. LOL

What are your thoughts on Kenya’s mystery man? Do you think she’s making up having a boyfriend? Or do you believe her “African Prince” is real?

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