Kyle Richards Discusses Her RHOBH Co-Stars; And Whether Or Not She Is Still Friends With Lisa Vanderpump!


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Yesterday, Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star, Kyle Richards, appeared on Housewife alum, Bethenny Frankel’s, daytime talk show. Kyle discussed everything from Brandi Glanville’s most recent racial remarks, to the status of her friendship with Lisa, and yes, those nasty rumors that came out regarding her husband Mauricio. Check out the highlights from the interview

The show first started with Kyle coming out crying because she is so proud of Bethenny. Apparently, the two ladies have known each other a long time. And when I say long time, I mean when Bethenny was broke and a waitress at a restaurant. It was actually a sweet moment to watch. Now onto the juicy stuff! LOL

Bethenny having known Mauricio since he first met Kyle says, “The world’s saying that Kyle’s husband stepped out, which did not happen. You gotta just not put gasoline to it. You add gas to the fire.”

Bethenny then took the opportunity to joke and say, “Well, I just wanna tell you I have a confession to make, Um, I’ve slept with Mauricio.”

Bethenny asked Kyle how she does it having four daughters and dealing with that kind of drama, Kyle says, “Well, you know my girls, they didn’t even think twice about that. They know who their dad is. They know what we have and what our family is, so they really didn’t even let it faze them.”

Now it’s time for housewives talk! Bethenny recaps to the audience the scene about the girls pressuring Joyce to get into the pool, Bethenny says, “It was the most moronic thing you’ve ever seen. I saw in Brandi’s face that she sh** herself. Because, — she did. Something shifted where she was like ‘Oh my God, there are cameras on, I just said this, and the wheels are about to come off.'”

The ladies both agreed that they don’t think Brandi is racist. But Kyle went onto say, “It was just an insensitive thing to say. You know and everyone’s talking about it today and I know that she’s beating herself up over it, but you can’t say things like that, you don’t say things like that.”

Bethenny said, “But at a dinner party later, she took her own weave out. I think that was kind of on purpose. Now the white girl says at a dinner party later, ‘I need to take my weave out in between courses. It’s like a sorbet. I need to cleanse everyone’s palate with my weave.'”

Bethenny then told Kyle, “The dynamic is different though, I’m gonna tell you, and I’ve called you out before. I’ve said to you when you should say something, when you shouldn’t. People are really against you this year. I thought that the one girl on the show that has all the cats and black (Carlton) doesn’t like you and she definitely has put a spell on you. She has a voodoo doll of you and I would be scared.”

Bethenny continued, “People think I have something against Lisa because your sister came on and we talked about Lisa, — She talked about Lisa, and so did Brandi, but I’ve only met Lisa once and I have nothing against her. And Lisa was so beloved for a couple of years, it happens. When you’re on the housewives people — things change. One season it becomes your turn.”

Kyle responded, “Yes, and I think that also, people also, their true colors come out, you know. They let their guard down, or you know, for whatever reason.”

“In the beginning, everyone smells like roses, it’s true,” Bethenny added.

Bethenny brought up the tweet that Lisa retweeted calling Kyle fat, Kyle says, “I’ve never had a ‘Twitter fight,’ but I was shocked that she would retweet a comment like that, calling me fat.”

Bethenny brought up if Lisa may be upset that people are turning on her a little bit, Kyle shares, “I haven’t spoken to her, but I would imagine.” “You don’t speak anymore, you were really good friends,” Bethenny asked. “Right now we are not. I mean, I would hope. I’m not the kind of person that holds a grudge. I really am not. And I can forgive and forget. That’s my personality. I hope one day, we can be, but right now, we’re not friends, unfortunately.”

Lastly Bethenny tells Kyle, “Actually as your friend, I think when someone calls you out, you need to go for them a little bit. You sometimes get — You don’t like confrontation, and you get a little nervous about how it’s going to come out, and you need to just say it.”

I agree with Bethenny in advising Kyle to go for whoever calls her out. I really think she is traumatized after the backlash she received after the infamous ‘Game Night,’ in season 2, and she’s afraid standing up for herself will result in the same way. What do you guys think? Do you agree with what Bethenny had to say?

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